Spells/practices for ridding your psyche of overthinking

Recently I’ve found myself going to some pretty dark places when it comes to my thoughts it’s harder to push them away and I seem to automatically think the extreme. I had thought maybe someone cursed me or something but I don’t think I’ve wronged anyone recently. It might just be the new paranoia overthinking. I’ve tried rejecting thoughts verbally and playing out a better scenario but these thoughts have been so recent I don’t like it and am scared I may attract some of them. If anyone has a simple fix I’d greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Meditation will help with this

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This is something I used to struggle with. I would recommend meditation, focus/be aware of your breathe and just observe the thoughts that come up and don’t label them as good or bad, theyre simply just thoughts. For example if a negative thought comes up, just allow it and focus more on turning back your attention to your breathe.


This was something I struggled with a lot at one point in time. From my perspective, experience, and understanding, the problem isn’t overthinking, per se, but rather the power we give to our thoughts and how we handle them.

I used to suppress these negative thoughts or give them free reign. The operative word is “I” - I gave the thoughts power and significance, which in turn affected me negatively. When I changed my behavior, the impact lessened dramatically. When negative thoughts arise, I acknowledge them, study them for anything useful for my Ascent, and then dismiss them.

Others’ words and opinions also affected me. This stopped when I not only realized but truly internalized the truth that I am the center of my universe, I am a God, I am powerful, I have control. Others are simply the supporting cast to my shining star. Why should I let them bring me down? Similarly, why should I let their fickle emotions lift me up (only to inevitably dash me down later)? Let them rant or praise - I am immovable. I will take what is useful from their words, and dismiss the rest.

If you’re on this path, you have control. I know - easier said than done, and it’s always challenging, but there you go.


Align your self with Demon who is not about thoughts and distant dreams but of action here and now. Satan is perfect.

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You can actually perform a banishing rite for your inner sanctuary of your mind purely through visualization to rid it of negative thoughts. It helps before intense médiations and also when you need to clear your mind of thought as quickly as possible


I was suffering from a very similar problem, you should read this thread:

They’re just thoughts, don’t give them more importance than they deserve.