Spells of Magic Review

I have been away for a while because I wanted to give spellsofmagic.com a worthy review for the BALG community and those new to magick something to chew on.

I was a member of this site for a long time frequently posting junk mainly pertaining to Wicca and simple stuff that one can easily find at your local bookstore. By doing this I was able to achieve a Knowledgeable rank within the forums of that site with relative ease.

The rank of Knowledgeable on this site doesn’t mean jack shit. Most of the people with this rank including the moderators can’t even grasp basic stuff that Konstantinos writes about. They are all wiccan through and through and if it isn’t wiccan then it’s “fluff” in their eyes.

I’ve been around this site long enough to get to know most of the Mods (by ass kissing in the chatter) that frequent the site and I’m not impressed with their videos or the knowledge that they have to share by no means.

I turned it all around when I started speaking about how easy and successful Koetting’s system is. Real Magick, Real Results right? Within a day I found myself with a “fluff” rank and in a week I found myself banned from the site.

These people follow Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead with a cult like following and with extensive experience with dead heads (because my dad was Garcia’s clone) I know that anything demonic or metal really freaks them out. Pushing the Envelope does not exist within the mindset of a hippie and for these people to claim that they are magicians it is insulting for those of us who truly embrace the darkness.

Real magick doesn’t exist for people who waste away high on shrooms or passing the bong around a drum circle listening to a crispy jam. They may evoke some benevolent entity around them by doing so but what do they really accomplish when they find themselves doing the same thing all day long for everyday of the rest of their lives?

It’s in the disclaimer of this site and it’s very real "personal success depends on your work ethic, so results will very. Destroying your enemies, achieving success in your career, getting the women you’ve always wanted, and so on can be influenced by magick when you evoke legions of demons or work the various forms of magick outlined in Koetting’s work to get these things for you. But the point I’m getting at is your not going to find these answers in a never ending drum circle. There is a point and time on your path when you have to wake up to reality and realize that it’s not all rainbows and fairys or be forever lost in the serenade of your drug induced insanity.

Pushing the Envelope and taking the things you want in life takes practice and hard work if you want to literally create your own kingdom on the material plane. When magick has a part to play in this it takes practice and hard work to obtain results like this. Koetting didn’t become a living god overnight now did he? I didn’t start making 60k a year overnight without a college degree either. But I can say it was his system that gave me these results and if it wasn’t for daily practice I wouldn’t have this.

The problem with these people is the fact that they have an idea of what magick is but they don’t know how to will it or use it to manifest change in their life because their morals are all jacked up by listening to a heroine addict who talks about love and peace. There’s nothing wrong with love and peace but what about yourself when you find yourself addicted to every drug on the planet hypnotized by some guy who preaches through music? It is his magick that has enslaved you and there is no hope for salvation unless if you take back your life.

To all the mods on that site, Baneful Magick is real, Evocation is real, Demons are real, and you can utilize Koetting’s system to literally will yourself to a better you! To all of those new to magick, stay away from that site because all you’ll ever find is ignorance and intolerance to anything that isn’t of a “Christian Wiccan” paradigm.

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I had already known though that even their spells are complete bullshit itself. It is hard to find a genuine one within the site. Thank you for leaving a review for everyone to see. Better go post some heavy metal songs all over their forum haha

Lol, I would but I got banned for pretty much mentioning Koetting in the chatter. The mods kts and lindacash called him fluff and I went off on them.

They need some Cannible Corpse to brighten their day though.

Their minds are just too closed off. I really do find it funny though that those wiccans are afraid of black magic. Koetting must have a reputation there. Just typing his name brings chaos hah

While I’ll agree that most of the spells on that site are a waste of time. I won’t say they don’t all work. I had a few successes with a few of there spells in my search for knowledge. However, that being said most of the site is wanna Be’s and kid’s just messing around.

I’ve never been impressed with that place but its just not for me. I would like to see a spell casting section here as I enjoy spell craft but that is not the focus of this forum. Its just two different set of people with differing views. Mention Wicca here and watch the trolling start, its fashionable to bash Wicca just as in about every other occult community its fashionable to bash this place.

I guess my problem is the fact that I can’t relate to the dried up wiccan bitches who run that site. I view magick to be something much more then an Arts and Crafts project. I know it takes a “special” person to bedazzle their pentagram but what is the point when there is no feeling or emotion behind the ritual or spell that your doing?

I’m reading this and just nodding in agreement… for years, I let myself be held back by hanging out with variations of that personality type, online and off, and it really warped my practice and even my basic self-respect for years.

I’m just grateful to have seen through it - I guess, people who can’t see them for what they are (like me back then) aren’t ready to really step up, but I still find them annoying no matter what accidental purpose they may be serving.


I agree with both of you. When you stay in a tight or rigid community your views get molded into a consensus. New blood or different ideas get mocked for lacking in tradition or because they don’t coincide with the consensus. Finding a happy medium is hard as others can help one progress and mature but can also lead to dependency and stagnation.

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