Spells for "Growth"

Are you guys aware of any spells to fast track growth? When I say growth I’m talking about one’s ability to download information and adapt. As well as the individuals ability to learn new skills and pick up things quickly, I would imagine there is something out there similar to this. The principles of Magick, from my understanding are only limited by the individuals beliefs and their intentions. From this I have to believe their is a deity or ritual capable of turning ordinary humans into god-like or at least grant them super human abilities to gain an advantage over those who do not posses this knowledge. As a new practioner I could see how easily you would dismiss this but really, why have we not found this sort of solution. Shape shifting seems crazier than this in my opinion, if the universe can create and possess omnipresence and we have that universal power what’s stopping us from releasing our full potential and becoming modern Gods? Call me ignorant if you’d like but this idea is quite compelling to me, people of old have fables and tales far greater than this, Yet, for some reason modern humans are incapable of such feats. Why hasn’t someone accesses this knowledge through the akashic records or through evocations?

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Subtle possession with intent.

I asked 4 deamons to come into my home and myself permanently and guide me through wealth development. Since then I have been devouring information like crazy.

In regards to more physical abilities I’ve mostly only asked for immortality and influence. Of course, both are otherwise difficult to gauge.

Are they now a part of your conciousness? Like does it feel like you just with added benefits or is it 3 other voices in your head? Why physical immortality if we’re all infinite beings? Why not permanent recollection of all past lives and future so you can start every life with information? I’m not judging I’m just wondering. Also does that mean you don’t age?

When I read “growth” I tought you ment to enhance your fella down there :arrow_down::joy::joy::joy:


Sometimes I hear whispers on certain things. For the most part, they have removed mental barriers that dissuade most people from doing something.

For example, most people wouldn’t want to be an accountant because of all the numbers and etcetera. The accountant doesn’t have that issue.

I no longer have the issue of learning about finances, reading up on tax laws, and etc. Seems to have become a major obsession actually.

Feeling hard to describe, often nothing, sometimes overwhelming.

I don’t care about the infinite nature of our soul. EARTH, is far too interesting and I would rather live forever to see it and consume it all, than die and be reborn and try to remember the past… not interesting at all.

Idk if I age, I have had grey/white hair since middle school with the occasional carpal tunnel. I have become a full grown adult with a sexy beard. So it’s hard to say on aging, I guess ask me in 30 years if I age :thinking:

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Lmao no :joy: I got that covered :triumph::eggplant: