Spells / deities to help me with university?

I’m going too university in September, really excited atm as I’m going too be studying architecture at a really good university.

However, I’m scared about the pressure of money / work that is going to have to go on the table for me to get my degree? Are there any spells / God’s that could help me with this? Mainly to stay away from financial catastrophe and keep my mind on track.

Also I would like too have a lot of influence and be quite popular, would this be possible through spell work too? Should I do multiple spells / gods or simple work with one?

Thank you very much.

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Archangel Gamaliel, Angel of Abundance, is the go to angel if you want to get money. I’ve had success with him in the past.


You can use Archangel Gamaliel, as suggested by @StewardofSophia , for abundance. He will help you keep your worries of money issues away.

I would also suggest to make a money jar (search function on this forum will help). For a specific amount of money you can use Abremelin squares (again search on this forum) .

For influence and popularity - Corwin Hargrove has a book on Influence. He uses Angels and Demons as well in his book. I personally didn’t use the book but it has lot of positive reviews.

If you want to work with only angels, then try Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand. There are 42 Angels listed in the book that will help in inner transformation such as projecting charisma, rejunivation etc. These will help you stand out as everyone will perceive your inner light. I am using this book currently.


Thank you for the response ! I have been looking at these books and have decided to buy Angels of Alchemy as it looks particularly interesting. I’m quite knowledgeable about Alchemy from a historic point of view ( took art history, lmao ). If I have any problems with the book / understanding the contents, could I be free to PM you? If not that’s fine !!

Thanks so much for the advice, It was nice too wake up to some help !

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No problem mate. We are all here to help.

All the best for your college.

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I would suggest a sigil. They work the best for money. Also you have some money rituals in NAP. I worked with them, they are easy and very effective.