Spells cast by newbies.......do they work?

I want to cast a love spell but as some of you who know me are aware I’m not advanced at all!

Absolute beginner !

Will the spell work at all?!


Love spells aren’t worth the trouble, they cause more problems.
It’s better to cast a spell to appear more attractive or naturally pull people in with a charismatic charm you’ve casted. c


Love spells that target a person, in my experience, push the person further away from you if they don’t like you that way. Not really worth it. General love attraction spell may work though. But you can cast spells if you’re new. I managed to heal myself only weeks after I picked up my first Chaos Magic book, which at the time I was only in the occult for less than a few months.


If it’s done correctly then it will work perfectly.

Even if it doesn’t work the first time, you shouldn’t understand that as a sign of failure in doing magick… sometimes magick doesn’t work, even with the most experienced magicians. If that happens, simply do it again until it works.

Love spells are complicated, they need some experience because of the emotional attachment or lust for result, plus it involves human will. And that’s not easy to manipulate. I suggest as a start, to choose easy goals… things that you don’t care about much. When you achieve those goals, you can take a step forward and aim for more difficult targets. You don’t have to wait months for that. If you start now and choose really easy goals, you could be doing more complicated spells sooner than you imagine.

Focus more on mastering your craft at the moment. The rest will come naturally and easily.


@Lokthoriel do you mean it could backfire or something similar to that ?


@SabahSnoblod Well… it’s not that I want to do it simply for practicing…

There’s this girl I have a crush on but she doesn’t give me much attention simply because I’m 19 and she’s 24 and she thinks I’m still a kid


@PrinceX as I explained for @SabahSnoblod I’m not saying I simply want to practice…

I like this girl but she’s 24 and I’m 19 and she thinks I’m still a kid


I understand… but you have to practice if you want to master your skills and cast successful spells. Your spell could be successful from the first try… but even if it was, you should keep practicing to improve yourself. Unless your whole goal from doing magick is this one single love spell. In this case simply watch one of E.A’s videos - especially about candle magick - and follow his instructions in your spell. Or search the forum here, there tons of spells with detailed explanation. If it didn’t work the first time for any reason, do it again. It will eventually work.


@PrinceX of course I want to become more skilled in magick so you’re right I need to practice but at this point this one case is my main goal

And thank you so much for your guidance


You’re welcome and good luck :slight_smile:


In my opinion, it’s almost easier to do magick as a newbie because there isn’t really any expectations. In my case, I figured if it worked great, if not oh well. Didn’t really think about it and sure enough, it worked. Now that I have practiced for a while, I have expectations.


The only thing that will hold you back is yourself. Such as labeling “newb” it will work if you want it to and it wont work if you obsess over it/or secretly don’t believe in it.


I have done a lot of thinking about this. If you’re after a particular person, then do a thorough analysis.

I have read that once a spell is done, you must truly believe it will succeed. Any doubts sends corresponding energy out, which can affect your spell. But, before a spell is cast, extensive research and introspection should be done. For example, I would answer the following questions:

  • Do I want this particular person? If so, why?
  • Would I be happy with someone like this person, if not this particular person?
  • Do I want to cast the spell because I want somebody - feeling lonely or left out or wanting company or love?
  • Is casting a spell the only way to accomplish what I want? Are there mundane methods to get what I want?
  • Should I cast a spell to attract this person/this type of person/a person, or should I cast a spell to create an environment where my needs will be fulfilled?
  • What consequences may there be from casting this spell?

And so on, and so forth. The bottom line, really, is to determine what you really want and the best way to get it. The homework for love/lust spells tends to be more extensive than other types of spells for reasons.

And then once you Know, Dare to Do, and expect success. But if you don’t succeed, analyze why you may not have succeeded, and what can be done differently.


@ExTenebrisVictoria yes those are great points I totally agree

Thank you


One more thing: do you act like age matters? If you act mature - as if age doesn’t matter, perhaps she can overlook this part. Analyze your behavior.

But, this is just an off-the-cuff thought - you know better your circumstances.

And it never hurts to get more insight via a Tarot reading or other form of divination. Just saying.

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You wont know unless you just sack up and do it to the best of your ability my friend. Just do it, and see what your power equates to.


@ExTenebrisVictoria yes I know what you mean but still some girls care about such things like age…

The ones who don’t are kind of rare or on occasions they’re in a boring relationship or something like that and that goes for ladies over 40 not this one


@serpens_album yes I totally agree

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The first spell I ever cast was a rain spell and it was successful. But, I also have a lot of Capricorn in my chart, so my affinity for magic is pretty phenomenal. I can count on one hand the times when magic hasn’t worked, but I can’t count the amount of times that it has.


Well here are the two books that their spells have never failed me…

  1. 50 most powerful spell…this a Wiccan book…but the spell I will advice you to perform is the “full moon spell”…during the full moon you wish to get what you want…this spell is done on full moon only…of course there are instructions given on how to use it…:blush: with this spell not only I got a girl but she is the one who said it…:heart_eyes:

2.Magic of the ancient Gods by Michael W.Ford…there are lot of invocations in this book…and as you have said that your newbie invocation is one way of getting that power we want…
Alester Crowley said…" Invoke as much much as you can…"…back to the topic…:wink:… There is a spell of Aphrodite in here to cast on that girl you like…this spell have no hour…date or any of the bullshit its just your voice and tongue…

The more you cast on her the more she comes into you…


I expect she will be my sister in law soon…:wink: