Spells backfiring?

Ive worked with sallos before to mend a broken relationship (along with other demons) and it almost worked for a month or two to the point of almost fixing but didnt end up happening so i never gave the offerings i promised on the grounds of the spell working (i feel like thats justifiable since what i stated almost happened but didnt and i stated in the petition id give the offerings if it did end up happening)

Fast forward 5 months later i did a spell 2 days ago to bring someone different closer to me i went about my evocation and everything how i normally do and it completely backfired on me (the person haven’t talked to me in 2 days because of personal life issues) what can i make of that and what do i need to do to fix things?
Did i mess up by not giving the offerings i promised (even though our deal wasnt complete) ? And if so how can i fix it


It could have just been bad luck, but sometimes love spells do this, they seem to sort of irritate the person, they sense the magick and interpret it as you as psychically attacking them, and it causes them to distance themselves and reject the energy.

This is why I recommend adding “if it be their will” into the working, so if it’s really not what they want, there isn’t an attempt to overpower will which is where the tension comes from as it turns into a fight, an if you win, you can end up with a slightly mad person that isn’t what you wanted anyway.


Yeah i want to believe its justa coincidence but i wanted to double check if there’s anything i could fix
Thank you for your suggestion though ill keep that in mind next time for sure
But is there anything i could do for now just to make sure everything goes smoothly? I dont want to lose this connection


It could just be a patience thing. Sometimes it takes a little while for magick to work. Also, people just have shit to do. They might not be ignoring you, they could just be busy with stuff. They could also be waiting to communicate in-person where it’s less contrived or awkward and just easier. Just chill.

This is how I think about it. You know what end result you want to manifest. That is a state of being in your relationship with this person. That’s not complicated. Sometimes people are on great terms, sometimes people are fighting and arguing, sometimes people are dating, it’s all just states of being.

You know how bitcoins are on the “blockchain,” literally a bunch of boxes linked together? It’s kind of like that (I own 0 bitcoins). You are in this box, you want to get to the box that is your end result. To get there, you may have to go through one or several boxes in between, like a step-by-step process.

That’s all it is. There may not be many steps to take, or there may be a very large amount. You can do some divination to see about getting some insight into this.

Imagine that there are two people who would both satisfy you pretty similarly, but one has many many boxes between you and the end result and the other just has one or a few. One thing magick will do is guide you to the quickest and easiest way to get what you want - a certain kind of relationship with someone.

I have myself experienced many times that if someone isn’t going to satisfy you, magick will protect you from that path. It is also the case that sometimes, magick will bring you people to learn lessons on. It’s perhaps a bit heartless, but let’s say that there is someone out there who is very compatible with you who you will meet at some point. It doesn’t have to be romantic, it could even just be life-long friendships.

People aren’t perfect, and oftentimes, you need some lessons. That’s nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about, it just is what it is, not a big deal. Would you rather make your mistakes on someone who isn’t the right match for you, or on a soulmate sort of person?

I assure you, I’ve done many love spells, and most didn’t work out. I learned from every single one. Sometimes these were relationship lessons, sometimes, if I’m being straight-up honest, I’m pretty sure magick was just giving me something to do while I was progressing my career. If I had stayed with any of those people, I would have been tied-down, influenced, and blocked from reaching where I have arrived on my path. That’s not always the case, but it can be very easy to give in when you get used to being with someone and having the very powerful emotions and experiences that you have. I imagine part of the reason divorce rates are so absurdly high is because people don’t just bite the bullet and end it when they know they should because they want the sex and the emotional comfort, even if that is accompanied by stress and toxic dynamics. I’ve done this, but I got over it, and I’m glad I did. Rupture and repair is one thing, but if the relationship just doesn’t work it just doesn’t work.

I’m not saying to go around dropping people like a maniac, but when you find your people, it should be pretty clear to you. If it’s not, then just do the magick and see what goes down. The good ones will stick with you, despite any challenges, while the ones who aren’t good for you and won’t nourish you like you need will tend to naturally drift away.

If you are concerned, you could do some general healing and relationship magick, to strengthen all the bonds in your life and bring some stability and clarity to your emotions. Letting go of fear often creates the space you need to be calm and clear and realize the expansive possibilities in your life, rather than being restricted and closed-off.


Would you be able to expand on why love spells are finicky when mind control spells are within the same field of exerting force over free will?

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I think it’s totally different. Changing a mental opinion, such as, which job candidate is best, that is more fact based is one thing, it may not really matter to the person either way, so if they change their mind… they don’t mind.

Now with emotions you are not just affecting a neutral mental opinion, and if they have strong feelings about their opinion mind control spells have the exact same issues, you have two bodies to affect, mental and emotional and the deep interaction those have with the whole gestalt.

So the emotional body involvement is an additional and critical interconnected element, because your mind has opinions about how you feel and you have feelings about your opinions. And it gets more meta than that too. You have two areas to influence, so if people target just the emotions without factoring in that the person will have meta feelings about why they feel certain ways, and meta meta feelings and opinions about that and so on, it gets complicated and the target is missed.

At the easy level, it’s a case of, "yeah he still turns me on, so what, he’s bad for me and I respect myself more than to get back with that jerk, I’ll et over it" or “huh, I don’t get why I like them, this is weird”. I don’t know about guys, but “weird” is enough to make most women take a step back, evolution has made us very, very cautious.

Now add the idea that their feelings aren’t just an opinion of their thought, but tied up in their very identity. E.g., the "make a straight guy gay for me" spells, but no less devastating to a person that has rejected someone for reasons that include identify values. Examples of this are “I don’t deserve to be treated that way” bad history or “but they’re not my type”".

Then a spell to force a change here can really start stirring up a “dark night of the soul” as a man questions his orientation, a person hates herself for wanting a dude she perceived as treating her badly (“he dd xyz, I must hate myself to want them back”) In this case the feelings can turn inward to self hate as the target perceives that they are their own worst enemy and seek distractions and distance to work though it.

Or it might simply be an easier case of, the spell makes them think of the person, but too many memories of fights and the bad things said reminds them why it’s a bad idea and makes them feel bad again. This person cuts off contact just to get more peace of mind.

So, when you start affecting the emotional body you’re hitting deep psychological pieces that touch many areas, interconnecting with values, experiences, memories, the feelings about all those, and who they even are as a person.

If the spell doesn’t help them forget the mad, bad and sad times, help them forgive, feel safe again, AS WELL as just desire, it’s probably going nowhere at best, and into annihilation land at worst.

If there’s burned bridges, try to fix those or there’s no way to cross the divide.
if there’s no burned bridges and it’s to create attraction where there was none, work on mental persuasion of suitability in tandem. (But be able to follow through and deliver for it to work, glamour doesn’t overcome bald facts.)


Thank you so much for this well-considered post! I think you’ve definitely hit the nail in terms of how many psychological aspects within the gestalt there are which need to be carefully addressed in a love spell over simply mind control.

That being said, I understand that magick increases the sphere of influence and raises the probability of said events by providing synchronicities/bridge of incidents, and therefore opportunities from which the individual then must make mundane effort. For the purposes of, let’s say, love spells in situations where there is a conflict between thoughts and feelings, would it not suffice to do a layered spell that targets eg. forgiveness, reputation, installing positive thoughts, increasing feelings of romantic love and finally nudging the target into taking positive action?

Perhaps a portion of the failure of love spells can be attributed to their lack of nuance, as merely making someone ‘obsessed’ without taking pre-cautionary ‘steps’ has a high chance of backfiring. Although, this is all conjecture since I’m also trying to simultaneously reconcile the occult with my Law of Assumption background that promotes ‘free will’ as being but an illusion.

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You could do, and you know, some would say just let the entity take care of it and focus on the end goal.
But I think, and based on what people have said on here, there’s a real risk, if the target is that resistant, you stand a good change or simply driving them insane. This is where love magick becomes very baneful.

That can manifest as it breaking their minds and they switch to become your obsessed stalker, in an unsexy, legal issues sort of way. I would say this is also a failure. Not least because the personality of the person you wanted is destroyed and you’re left with this tortured unhinged person that has no idea what they’re doing, or why they just have to do it. There are some stories on here like that.

That’s why t’s good to add “if it be their will”, to give a release value so it doesn’t go there. Either way there’s always the chance that a love spell simply cannot force a person to romantically love you if it’s just not in them.

Yeah unfortunately the evidence of my own experience is why I just don’t believe this “law”, unless you can accept that as part of this law (which I was hinting at in yet another post last week) it matters that your will is aligned with the universal will, source, or will of the god within, or just “god”, whatever you want to call that. This is pretty RHP., give yourself up to gods will stuff.

Ego will: not a chance. This is, “these are the energy flows, and these are the tools I have to tinker with them, what can do with this?”. It’s more mechanistic. You may or may not have the right tools and enough energy to get the job done. And this is pretty LHP, I want it and I will make it happen myself stuff.

Or to put it another way, as pointed out on another post today by DarkestKnight, is that this law is mysticism, and that’s lovely, but it’s not practical magick. Mysticism requires alignment with the universal mind… and there if you find that the universal mind, which is you, thinks the lady, which is also you, belongs to another aspect of itself, which is also you, then she does. And that’s too bad. You’re supposed to want what the god within wants, so you don’t really want her after all, because you do but you already got…you. There’s only so much influence to you add to that dynamic before you, ego you, is merged with you, universe you, and you want what the universe wants as much as it wants what you want because it’s also you.

And by the way I see these as both perfectly compatible and valid forms of working with reality. I think you can mix and match, but there seems to be reports of those who are not fully ‘ascended’ and melded with the universal mind not getting all they wanted, and being kind of kicked out if the small mechanistic lhp magick they do are contrary to the universal mind or “not from god”. (They can always get back, it’s not judgment it’s the mechanics) So these people attain a lot, they can fly and they can manifest food from nothing, but they’re all monks and stuff and have to do it for the universal good, of which showing off or personal gain in a materialistic way doesn’t count. Hence all he ascetics, it’s mistaken it’s not ascetism that gets you there, it’s getting there brings you everything without materials, as long as everything isn’t materialistic. Conversely I think the universal mind doesn’t do a whole lot on it’s own without a bit of direction, it has to have something to work with, but it does have opinions about what it wants within the options given.


I had no idea that could happen but it makes perfect sense, good insight!

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Thanks a lot for your answer it really makes sense to me the way you put it

Is there a guide to do the strengthening relationships spell you mentioned or a certain demon i should work with for it?

I realise it could be just a coincidence like you mentioned but im just paranoid i might have fucked something up by my spell or something

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Just on the part of asceticism and the universal mind, Neville Goddard’s law of assumption in the Post-Promise era (after he experienced ascension) was actually a lot more ‘practical’ than most think. His law simply became whittled down to solipsism, where your consciousness is the first cause of everything, and therefore there is nothing that cannot be attained in the kingdom of God (you) -no asceticism or Buddhist rituals required. I find that this idea is compatible with what Azazel said about objective reality being cut from the same fabric of one consciousness and imagination where manifestations are contingent on the conscious observation and collapse of a superposed states; therefore not existing independent of the individual. The most practical part about the law in relation to the occult therefore, is the idea that there is no limit to the magickian as the omnipotent creator and that they stand as superior to or equal with entities; thus I am led to believe that love spells or anything to do with free will and emotions do not need to backfire at all, with sufficient will, intention and mundane efforts from the magickian. It’s actually very common in the law of assumption community to practice bending free will even against all the odds, eg. mending traumatic relationships, so I don’t see why or how a collaboration between a magickian and entity cannot be that much more potent.

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I agree, nothing should be impossible for the fully ascended adept, which almost nobody is and certainly not those in emotional pain from a relationship issue. So, that last part is a problem.

What seems to happen is people make an incomplete assessment of the situation, often misunderstand the psychology of the causes in the situation, apply the wrong spells and get the wrong result.

My feeling is, an ascended wouldn’t run into wanting this kind of magick in the first place. Or as my qigong teachers used to say “you are a qi healer, why are you sick!?”

To get to this point is to have already failed, and the tools to fix it exist but given the existing imbalance in the situation that let it happen in the first place, it then stands to reason that person is intrinsically coming from a flawed place, and this magick is going to be no less flawed, and you’re right back to the reason why love magick can and does fail.

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That last paragraph is such a crucial insight. If people come into the law of assumption or magick with the intention to change their circumstances like an one-off party trick, they’ll always be casting spells from a place of flaw. That’s not to say that just because the qi healer has gotten sick once they cannot learn how to heal themselves, so long as they first make efforts to spiritually ascend to a place from which they won’t make the same mistake again. Likewise, although a true adept would have never run into the need to cast a love spell, the mistake isn’t a be all end all and any love spell caster should always do the internal work to raise their personal ‘power’ before attempting anything


I would trust your personal connection to magick to guide you to the demon who can help you.

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Hey Carmen.roses…

First- I’ve worked with Sallos quite a bit. He takes his offerings seriously. If you saw movement…complete the offering…even if the manifestation didn’t go as far as you had petitioned for.

Second- Sallos, ime, is not a “2-day” demon. Go with Zepar if you want that. Sallos is about long term relationships (for the most part- he can get you the quick fix - but he’s money if you’re looking to land someone AND grow a relationship.) Give it more time…sometimes things need to be cleared away before something new is born.

Third, don’t doubt the magick…I know its hard…but think about what this post’s effects will have on people. Its the opposite of honoring the demon with your gratitude. Your solidifying your doubt in words.

Rule of thumb- speak to nobody of active rituals until they work. Don’t give your fears and doubts a voice.

4th- Reality will OVER-correct after a well executed love spell. That’s why it’s so important to be ready for the door to open, and when it does, seize the opportunity BEFORE reality slams it shut. If you don’t, there’s a good chance the target will lash out at you when they try to return to balance. EA recommends having your next target in your sights and to enjoy the moment with the original- because they won’t be around for long.

Good luck!