Spells and rituals backfired?

Well I guess I had it coming? After doing well about 5 6 spells on a person, the effects started showing off with her stalking my social media, which obviously made me happy since it was working, and then out of nowhere I get blocked…Now is it the amount of spells that backfired or the person is too strong headed and got overwhelmed?

Pretty common occurrence with love spells. If you look around there are a variety of theories on it already discussed on the forums here, but some them include- the target truly not having any feelings, the feelings are so whelming they decide to cut you off altogether to make it better, to sometimes they are afraid of their own feelings as well as others.

Some of the reasons I can find value in or understand- but I don’t believe in back fire in the traditional sense so, I’m probably the wrong person to continue the discussion with lol :smile:



I don’t know, I wouldn’t say no feelings are there, but the stalking was hard from her side and her bestfriend… I think I could use a reading onto this