Spell with pepper

Hello, I did a spell on one dumb guy who provoked me. I put his name on a paper in a jar with pepper. My question to u is, is something dangerous going to happen to him and is it just enough to remove the paper from the jar to remove the spell?

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all the dangerous things and what is done cannot be undone. he is lost.

If you want to try to undo it, just remove the paper from the jar. Say aloud (you can write a rhyme, if you wish) that the paper with his name on it is now going to return to being mere paper, and eventually ashes. Burn the paper. Put your hand over the jar of pepper, and imagine yourself sucking all the negative intentions and energy out of it. Flap your hands around afterward just a bit to symbolically remove that old negative energy from your hands. You don’t want to keep that bad energy. Touch the jar again, and imagine it being purified of all negativity. The pepper and the ashes from the burnt paper can be dumped into a flowing river, or you can even flush them down the toilet, or dump them down the drain. Take a ritual bath afterward to cleanse yourself of any residual negative energy.

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The problem is that I cut the paper in small pieces and threw it.

The pepper is an element that quickly speeds up the rituals due to its great natural power. Among its beneficial properties it is always used to undo curses, to perform an effective cleaning of the space and rituals of protection, cleaning, unloading and even it is ideal for love according to the way it conjures. It is a fact that white pepper eliminates obstacles and black rejects attacks directed against the conjurer. Because it is a Mars plant, its charge is special for war.

In the use of pernicious works it is conjured to produce personal misfortune as a revenge. It is a widely used element to make someone return to our side or to separate two people for different other reasons. With soluble coffee, vinegar, salt, olive oil or palm oil its destructive power is multiplied and care must be taken in its use.

You must have a previous meditation before casting a spell of this indole, because once a deity uses this power it is impossible to stop rolling that pernicious charge ball, and it is counterreciprocal for you because there is no excuse to justify a regret.


Work with imagery. In your mind, imagine your target’s name vanishing from the paper altogether, wherever those scraps of paper may be. It’s a mental thing, not physical. Cleanse the jar thoroughly, and get rid of the pepper. However, others seem to indicate that this may not work. I feel that most spells can be undone, and you can try. If it can’t be undone, it’s a caution to either become tougher and have no regrets, or to be more cautious when casting spells that can harm others. Be absolutely certain that you intend to cause harm, with no turning back.

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Don’t get me wrong this guy absolutely deserves a lesson. It was an online beef and he started everything with a lot of provocation without me saying anything at first but he countinued. I’m christian and I don’t want to hurt people and create bad karma thats why Im concerned about him. I want to humble him physically :smile: but he is not near me and thats why I tried this spell.

I’ll ask the angels to remove the spell and clear all the energy from the jar and the paper :slight_smile:. Hopefully that work.

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I understand in your situation more than me has never been to create discomfort just build and create awareness in you by using like pepper in a ritual when you do not focus on the true and concise precision in what you want to achieve. Pepper is highly destructive / more if it is black, respectfully study first before evoking the properties of an element.
Remember also that she can help you, it’s only in the way you take her to teach the subject a lesson, she raises the energy and increases the spell result. It is used to enhance the work of fire, passion, sexuality, power, changes, transformations, leaving vices, drugs, etc. It also serves to stop psychic attacks, stop curses, and stop people who harm. Analyzing his writing I deduce that he lacked to channel its use well because he could achieve his purpose without expanding to an evil that is not his intention if he did not stop the improper behavior that this subject has caused him, again it is to edify his approach, not attack him or misunderstand.

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Another thing I think I just found is that I had to do some protection spell or binding Im not sure how is it call so that nothing negative reflects on me. I didn’t do that and now I feel a bit weird, any advice ?

So you did a heating jar, basically? That’s going to excite energy, speed it up, and hoodoo practitioners have used it to declare war… I believe you basically created a mini “war jar”. To undo that, just put the opposite element in the har (put the jar in the freezer or something), and then do what others suggested.

In terms of you feeling like you’ll now get your karma, you will, if that’s what you believe. You also will if the person has suitable protection and you have none. Just do a general blessing on yourself (which you should always do if you do a sour, heating, freezing, etc spell). Use sweetening elements to counter any sour elements that may be coming your way. Take a sugar bath with lotus petals if you have ;em. Or just light a black & white candle on Saturday (preferably Saturday night) and ask anything coming your way be undone. Carve appropriate sigils for Saturn in candle as an extra step.

Good luck!

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Thanks very much I appreciate the info u gave me. I contacted 1 medium who deals with breaking curses and spells and he said that he will remove the spell from the guy but I’ll try what u told me anyway.

U said I need to put the opposite element can u tell me what is it and what should I do if I have destroyed the jar. Should I make new jar with the name of the person and with the opposite elements?

Heh. You feel so bad about the curse you performed, and you think so much about it, that nothing will probably happen to your target. So don’t worry.

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Opposite of fire is ice - put it in the freezer, put ice cubes in it, whatever and once it’s sufficiently cold, discard of jar at a crossroads, or just toss it. You can also place the contents in water running away from your home, etc etc.

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