Spell to win an injunction / restraining order

Hey Guys, I need a little bit help. Currently I fight against an electricity company for my rights. They want to put the power in my house out, because they say I owe them money. I say I don’t, because I paid everything and other things I haven’t payed for, they are not allowed because the thing is currently in court.

I don’t go to court for the injunction / restraining order, because I can’t pay the money they want. But I want to fight for my rights. Why? Because I can fight for my right instead of just accepting the things, large companies tell you to pay.

Anyways… tomorrow is going to be the hearing in court. And of course I’d like to win it. What can I do? There is a spell “Tyr’s justice” or something like that, but I don’t have the things needed for it. And I don’t just need justice, like Tyr would provide.

Does anyone have another spell I can use?


Evoke Belial and ask for help…he has helped me with many problems, and don’t forget E.A has talked about how Belial has helped him get out of jail time and courts many times…and won all his court cases.


I know, I read the article in the book. This was also the spirit I thought about. But is it going to be enough to just invoke him and ask for help? Or do I have to offer something to him? Because in the story with this gun case E.A. had to go into the wildness and do a massive ritual with incense. And so on. I haven’t invoked Belial yet.


King Belial.

He helped me like no other with 2 persistent problems I had, one was being pursued illegally for a debt which was not mine.

He sorted both of my issues out super fast.

I am very attached to Belial and like his direct manner. I am sure he could help you


It is a little last moment,but you can try.

Evoke with a petition and court papers and make it detailed.

I would make a good offering and be very respectful and no show of weakness.

He has that much power in this world, i don’t doubt he can help you if you present it right.

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I know, that it’s kind of last moment. Normally the court does not schedule a hearing. And normally the other party does not have the time to answer to the claim. But they did. Few hours ago I got a facsimile why the court should deny the restraining order. That’s why it’s so … last moment.

What should I offer to Belial?


In my experience, sacrifices like giving up bad habits and keeping your word. Also, Beer, Wine , Blood. Blackberries.

You could ask him and make sure you follow through on your offering.

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Thank you for your Help, I just Evoke Belial and asked him for help. It was some kind of intense. Before this Evocation I worked with Hagith but Belial was some kind of “other class”. In one moment I just wasn’t able to speak any more and had an intense pressure in my chest, as I said that I’m going to be the vessel. And the air around me was thick but cold. And the smoke of the incense stick was just flowing to and around my face.

WOW, just WOW!


Great! Well done. I do really like King Belial and I hope things work out for you.

He changed my life in many positive ways and he crushed my enemy. I hope you have a great success


And can you please keep us updated? People make threads like these and just disappear.

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Yes of course!

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Yes, be sure to update as soon as you hear anything.

All the best with your court appearance, mate! King Belial is amazing!

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Hey Guys, as you know, today was the hearing. And it was some kind of a success. My final goal was the injunction / restraining order against the company. Just for one reason: To have a case others can use. This was my plan. And I knew, that this was only the first step, the electricity company would go the next step and defend itself.

The problem with his hearing was, that the electricity company declared, that they found all the money and they are not willing to pull the plug any more.

And in one case we created a settlement.

Well, I didn’t got the injunction / restraining order I was up to, but the case ended in the most optimal way for me as a person.


Great news! Have you agreed on an offering to King Belial??

I haven’t asked him, what I should offer him. I prepared alcohol (Whiskey) and Weed but it felt Ok for me just to offer him a glass of Whiskey. (I had no beer or wine at home, I don’t drink alcohol).

My plan for today night is first of all to burn the sigil of Belial, I took it with my papers to court. And to thank him for his help. But what should I do with the rest of the Whiskey in the glass? Should I toss it away?


I pour liquid offerings into my Garden personally after leaving them for a while.

The Whisky was a good offering. Did you get vivid dreams after the evocation? I always do after Belial and they are often messages


I went to bad at about 9pm but I wasn’t able to sleep till 2am and my alarm clock went off at 7am. Yes, it was some kind of a vivid dream. If I dream (or can remember a dream), it’s a vivid dream. Bit this one was somehow crazy.

I can just remember one scene, I was visiting some girl in a ghetto like house. I was leaving and standing with another person in the elevator and then I saw two policemen in the hallway leaving one wing of the house, drawing their gun and then going to another wing of the house.

But I’m sure, that the dream had a beginning and an ending. This was an excerpt from the middle.


Interesting ,only you will know the context of this or meaning…

Of all of the spirits / ancients I have worked with, King Belial is the most present with me, especially in lucid dreams. I always find he knows absolutely everything and I can never hide a thing.

He came to me, one of the only times that has ever happened and I feel very glad he did. He is amazing

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I had a very similar experience just a couple of week ago. Legal/financial matters. I invoked Belial and BOOM! Things settled beyond my expectations.

I suggest for offerings; whiskey/brandy/cognac, a black/green candle and perhaps some incense(if possible). Put these offerings in front of his sigil.