Spell to use before first date?

I have a date tonight and I’m looking to have sex with this girl, this would be our first date. Is there any spells that I could cast that would help me make sure that happens?

Most of the spells on here seem to take weeks or months to manifest but I’m looking for something to help me tonight.

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invoke sitri


Several Spirits can help you. From what I hear, Gremory can help in this area too.

Sitri is fantastic for this and seems happy to help.

Invoking Venus

I’d invoke Mars as well as Venus.

Update guys, the date fucking bombed. I ended up being friendzoned by the end of it. I invoked Sitri to help me and it still ended horribly.

Honestly dude, I saw your other post and I think you need to focus more on your programming and personal enrichment before seeking love or attemtping love magic.

Your perspective on magic also sounds really skewed and negative. So, to fix that:

  • Pick a magical system
  • Learn to meditate and develop your psychic senses.

Otherwise, you will have no way of actually comminicating with spirits or knowing how to tell whether or not your magic is working (which it ususlly is).


I agree. I get so many Newbies that want instant results right away without learning all of the basics.
My advice would be to take a good 6 months to read, learn, experiment and work on yourself before attempting complicated spellwork.
Use that time to build a relationship with a spirt or a few… It does not happen overnight.

It is like expecting a stranger to grant everything to you that you ask otherwise.


When it comes to talking to spirits, use tarot or pendulum. At least until you become clairaudient.

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I think that if you want something from a Spirit, at least have a relationship with them first.

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When it comes to magic you must re program your subconscious mind.

Well, being friendzoned is sometimes a challange, sometimes a sign of her not seeing value / or sexual attraction in you.

So i basically have 2 questions to ask you:

Did you establish body contact, did you touch her, synchronize your breath with her, look into her eyes, actually looking into her vessle?

All of those should produce Sexual attraction, and are quite fail-safe, so even if you’re friendzoned, these are tools to use to change that into a relationship.

Secound, did you make the time you’ve spendt together valuable for her?
i mean emotionally valuable.
Doing different things, talking different topics, and sharing your actual opinion, instead of just copying what she thinks in order to look good for her '(which quite honestly produces the exact opposite reaction - complete boredom. why even bother, if he ain’t got any own idea’s or opinions to throw in the pot?)

take your time, consider if you can adjust on these ends.

Ideally, you want to make her feel several emotions simotanely,
like, not just love, but also excitement, trust, attraction, relaxation, adventure, exploration, to name some.
when you can feed her with 3-5 emotions at the same time, you’re normally on a good path to actually get her.

But of course, you also need to go in to actually get her.
She (most women), expect you to go first / do the steps she’d be shamed about doing by herself.
The more of those steps she haves to take for you,
the faster she’ll turn away and seek someone who’s less, well, passive.

And if that sounds like to much effort (which i know, to you it does, and for the moment i take a step back and care less about your general competence and getting you to a solid relationship,) - there’s the standard way aswell, you know?

The crap that movies frame into the public constantly.
You know, buying her red roses, heart shaped chocolate,
listening to seductive music when she’s around and just making her drunk to knock her normal defense mechanisms out, kissing her while she’s drunk or sleepy, and moving on from there.

Not my favorite way of teaching others to do it, becouse there’s tons of idiots running that bullshit already, and it’s way below the quality i usually expect people to reach.

But heck, it works for what?
40-60% of the population?

So it shouldn’t be that bad, of a try. :wink:

If you want to rep things up to a higher level of quality and joy,
you can still look back at this post and go with the upper suggestions.



besides - and i really post this for my own selfish pride only!,

Really, this is supposed to be fun, for you, not a hand held teaching streek for us to step in guiding you all the way.

please don’t ask for help with the next steps…
or i’ll be tempted to possess you and perform it on your behalf,
using your vessle regardless of whether you can enjoy that,
to make you stop worrying so much!^^


(for reference, this is what made me add that.)

Know what? even, better, how about getting yourself some results in…