Spell to stop or expose a criminal

What spells and entities would be better to expose or stop a criminal?

There is a person on our group project(the leader) that might be sabotaging our work. She is rude to people on email and messages and one guy of our group was mugged on the workplace.

I suspect that she might be involved in this somehow(my intuition says there is something off about this woman and Belial told me to be wary of her too).

She expelled two underage boys that were our apprentices and blamed the manager.

She said we need to watch over what we post on Instagram because of the project.

Everytime we don’t answer immediately on whatsapp she threatens to expels us from the project.

She exposed a medical diagnosis of mine before the entire group to shame me(I’m autistic).

I feel that she is very envious of me…

This woman is a zealot christian and is also trying to use religion in a project where we should be using science…


Going off how you can call on a spirit to do the opposite of their usual functions…

I’d say calling on Bael to give her high visibility (instead of invisibility), might be a good bet. Think throwing a spotlight on somebody.

Lucifer would be another good option to “shed light on the situation”.


I believe there’s another goetic demon that helps with exposing plots but I don’t remember at the moment…



Shaz can catch thieves, reveal secrets, and reveals the way to stolen items.


Valac can help discover betrayal… any and all, doesn’t have to be targeted to a person, so you can do it on the project.
Andromalius can make a disloyal person reveal the truth.

Should work in a couple of weeks, so if nothing is revealed there’s something else going on.

You may be dealing with a psychopath or malignant narcissist, in which case the only way to win is not to play. My advice for those is to get out and never talk to her again.


Thank you @sanaRo for the quote :slight_smile:

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There is a ritual in the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons: ‘To expose somebody’s secrets or cause them to be apprehended for their crimes,’ which would be perfect for your situation.

But my first step would be to make sure she can cause you no further damage. I’d bind her and remove her ability to fight back. ‘Destroy Defenses’ and the Bind An Enemy ritual in the Angels of Wrath book are both excellent.

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I feel as if the best way to expose a criminal is to have them expose themselves. Make them overly confidant. Tempt them to boast or brag. Have them lose their temper. Get them to be paranoid. And have it happen in an inconvenient situation. Essentially, make them out themselves by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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