Spell to meet a stranger again?

Ok so if I met somebody and didn’t get there name or contact, is there any spirit that could let me see that person randomly again if I know the face, time and place I originally saw them?

Law of attraction. The stronger you concentrate on meeting this person again you will. Meditate daily.

Did you ever end up meeting this person again? This is exactly what I need as well. From my own experience, I would ask a certain spirit depending on your intentions. For example, If it’s for love, I would ask Aphrodite or someone else of that nature. Hopefully this helps, because I definitely want to meet this one stranger again as well.

Made me think about someone and then I focused on trying to sense her had blurry image representing her look at me then yea went with someone else his arm around her, so at least I know she’s happy. Was nice to remember her it sparked the memory when I read this page. She said I’ll c u again when she left but yea I was lost when I met her and in a town I didn’t live in :grin: makes me lol.
I focused on trying to feel her energy then just started to smile big and seen a image representing her. At least I was able to locate type of thing it’s been like two almost 3 years



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Aww, wow. This is so bittersweet. Hopefully when and if the time is Right, you two will meet again.

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Thank you! Has this spirit ever helped you with a matter like this? I‘d love to hear your experiences—if applicable!

I have never asked him for something like this, but he is the one in charge of attracting people toghether at least in the hellenic pantheon so he could be the best one to ask
anyway I have done things offerings for him and in a way behaved in a good manner to his eyes so he has returned an ex lover to me just in the right time (i was really mess up at that time) and this ex lover lift me up just at the right time, just before it I did something good for myself in his honour and I got that in response

so I think just go ahead you loose nothing trying
and other thing in my experience he does not help much if you do not help yourself
so for example if you have some love unfinished busines or a toxic relationship he would probably stay away
but if you close the door to the pendent love thing and get over toxic relationship he can work perfectly :slight_smile:

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