Spell to make them realize what they caused

Hi everyone,

I’m searching for some kind of spell or ritual or i don’t know, to make a person realized what they have done was bad.

Let me phrase the situation:
My friend A have done some things which made my friend B angry and they argued. But from moral perspective my friend A really done bad thing and my friend B was innocent. Now my friend A is still gossiping and telling everyone what that friend B ha manipulated him etc.

I need something to make friend A realize what they have done was bad so they will stop the gossip and eventually say “I’m sorry” to friend B (even though I don’t know if it will fix anything).

There is a huge injustice in this because my friend B is always friendly, he always does absolutely everything he can to make people around him happy, he didn’t deserved this.

Can you suggest something to me? Sorry if I posted this into a wrong section, but I didn’t found anything similar on the forum…


I think there are a few for that specific purpose in the Angels of Wrath and Demons of Wrath books.

Keep in mind there are several different objectives here…

  • Making a target realize what they’ve done
  • Silencing and binding them so they won’t gossip anymore
  • Pushing them to feel remorse and actually want to apologize
  • Perhaps also punishing the target with bad luck or something for what they’ve done?

Only making the target realize what they’ve done might have no tangible results in the end. They may realize of it, but feel no remorse and not even want to apologize. Perhaps they might even feel joy and make it all much worse.

What if they have no capability to feel remorse or guilt at all? What if that’s just the way they are and they can’t be made to feel it? You can still punish them in ways they can feel, regardless of them regretting this particular situation or not.


Invoke Zagan, he’s a goetic spirit, from Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove:

"Make somebody seek forgiveness. When you think somebody has
wrong you, this will make them see what they have done and seek to
make amends. "

this is one of his “abilities”.


Thanks for the recommendation, I have the book as of yesterday.

Question as I haven’t read it through completely now (but I will), you named 4 rituals, can I do all 4 in the same day? Or should I wait a little bit between them?

Thank you

I will definitely check that out! Thank you

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There are not four rituals , these are the list of “abilities” of the spirit, so you can ask him these kind of things.


I’d suggest not doing them all on the same day.

Pick one to start, repeat it for at least 3 days up to a week. Then move on to the next.

I know the AoW book says once is enough, but no, it’s not.