Spell to make nobody find a person attractive

I am working on getting back with my ex. Until then, I want a spell to where no girl (or guy or anyone for that matter) would ever consider being with him. I just want him to not attract anyone. Like no girl would ever have a crush on him. I don’t need a lecture. I need a spell that will basically make him not attractive to anyone. I don’t care if he has friends but I don’t want anybody trying to get with him. This is the guy I want to marry. I’ve had a session and was told me and him are life partners and such and within 4 months we will be back together which is fine but in mean time I want to work on myself and just not be anxious of the idea that there could be any future 3rd parties or anyone trying to get with him.
Is there a spell like this? I don’t want to use an intranquility spell, or some love spell. I just want him to not be considered an option in other people’s mind. I am also option to an irritation/obsession spell to make him come back sooner.
By the way I have no sympathetic link to him, but would a paper he wrote on count?

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Introduce yourself to the members of the forum. You have to do it, it is a rule.

You could use your own mind and emotions to create what affect you want , just visualization being in his mind or him in third person dreaming about and you and not wanting anyone els


Maybe you can try to sweeten him to you? I don’t know about this sector, so don’t quote me on this it’s only what i’ve seen in searches.

Also - maybe a freezer spell for the people that may find him attractive? You may need names, though.

A candle spell may work

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I just learned of this actually. I had visualized myself experiencing him acting how I wanted but not experienced being him and having him think of me. Should I make him think of me lovingly but also hurt with belief he misses me and is sad? Like whenever I get sad thinking about him, instead I can trasmute those emotions to think I’m him feeling sad about missing me?

You could that’s a decent line of thought , generally sadness attracts sadness , so try working with loving emotions instead of negative ones , you could visualize sending a hook into his chakras from yours let’s say heart ; and transferring love energy to each other

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I will do this too

A freezer spell sounds like a good idea to keep others away :thinking:

Would you also know if a piece of writing would count as a sympathetic link to a person? I wanted to try a certain spell on him and needed something

anything with dna , it could , spells are just ways of manifesting your intentions , so if not you can use other methods

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Cast a spell for him to get into an accident in such a way that their face is burnt, badly cut and scarred as a result. You wanna make someone unattractive, physically fuck their shit up…why be subtle about it?


Bruh she wants it to keep her bf for herself while they split up , I’m sure she doesn’t want that :joy:


I dont understand why keep someone if u split up???My mistake ( as this be not under the baneful magick thread) XD


Lol :laughing:

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I know you said you didn’t want a lecture so I’m just going to challenge you to ask yourself and be honest when you answer yourself. Ask yourself if this is really what you want and if your attitude towards the situation and him is actually because you love him or is it more to do with your own emotions and feelings about the situation? Is his happiness actually what’s important to you or is it just what you" think" might make YOU happy?

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I know it’s part of my own self interest. But we broke up on ridiculous terms. I don’t want to explain the story is mainly why. I don’t believe in making someone fall in love with someone against their will. He still loves me and the spell I want isn’t one where he is perceived as physically unattractive. He isn’t consider physically attractive anyways and I don’t care about his looks. I wanted this spell as temporary not a lifetime ongoing thing. I undo spells usually for most things and hence why I don’t do spells for other people because they want permanent one

If he’s not particularly attractive then first off what do you want him for? Secondly I wouldn’t think you would have much to worry about.

Just cast a glamor. They can work both ways.

What is a glamor?

It’s a really old really common kind of spell that alters common perception of your attractiveness/appearance, so many describe it as a kind of personal illusory field.