Spell to make him talk more

I was wondering if there were any spells or deities that might help this guy to communicate more with me. We have chemistry but I get like two messages a week and I really can’t forge a relationship out of this. It also means I feel like I’m dragging the other person who’s interested in me along. I can’t go further with her because I’m waiting to see if there’ll be change with him. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You are not his first option and that’s why you get 2 messages per week.
If you were his No.1 you would get +100 messages and phone calls.
Sorry to burst your bubble.
Or simply go out on a real date and ask for more (and tell him to get rid of his side chicks).

Don’t know why you need magic or spell when a simple conversation could help :facepunch:


He doesn’t have others. I’m close with his best friend who would know. The issue is that he works a hell of a lot and I’m only spoken to when convenient to him. He’ll say shit that implies I’m a priority but doesn’t act that way. I’d at least like to talk to him about these issues but it is literally so difficult messaging or scheduling a date.

Nobody is busy 24/7 PLUS actions and words have to go together…you are smart and you know how things work if you are a couple.
You and me have already shared 2 messages and one more and I’m over your bf’s quota of messages :wink: :blush:
This is not a healthy relationship and find someone who’s ready to spend more time&messages with you.
It is nice to fight for love but in every relationship one side loves more…and in case of break up guess who’ll suffer more?
Speaking from painful experience(in several cases).

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I completely agree and I know there are others I can turn to who offer more communication. I guess I just want to see if there is a way to improve the situation before abandoning it. We get along really well and while we’re opposites in personality, I did really want to see us progress but I can’t when it’s difficult to even have a conversation. :unamused:

Conversation is the key…lack of it causes failure…abundance brings understanding.
We could talk for days but I’d rather hear a word from you that two of you are like a normal chatty couple :ok_hand:
Sometimes it’s best to talk to a stranger :pray:

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It seems a stranger can be rather helpful. :sweat_smile: Idk I’ll try flick him a message tomorrow but normal methods don’t seem to be that helpful.

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Normal methods work in normal situations :grin:
Extraordinary situation is screaming for extraordinary solution :wink:
Girly scream will be just fine :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll pass on the girly scream :joy: though it might come to that if he doesn’t start listening.

Yup…girly scream :grin:
I’ll be ready to hear you from New Zealand :wink:

I’d have to have the vocal chords of a banshee to be that loud lmao!

I’m pretty sure that you have enough power to put to shame even a techno party :wink: don’t be so modest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Volume up :+1:

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You flatter me haha it makes me forget the point of topic

Perfect example how healthy relationships work :smiley:

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Hey there OP! Life is like an onion, or a staircase, in that there are layers to things which may not be apparent at one level of observation, and require shifts in perspective to unlock.

My recommendation to you is to decide how far you’re willing to take him (leave room for take-backsies and changed minds!), and strategize with the Spirits accordingly. If you’re unsure of where to start, contract a magical tactician or personal troubleshooter Spirit to support this endeavor until you reach your goal, or beyond then.

Happy seeking! :slight_smile:

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Hello “Chaos, with a Q because the name was already taken” XD
What spirit would you suggest for such endeavours and are their any resources (on or off site) you would recommend?

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While I know this was not directed towards me, I have employed Iellet, for similar purposes in the past, to coax others into conversations and stir things up when and where needed. In her specific club, Jusoro can help you develop a strategy, such as what to say, Kimeron can help do the heavy lifting, such as persuading into a more willing conversationalist, and Vorcalis can help in matters of sorcery, should you decide to employ further magical measures. Details on these spirits are available here. ,


Hiya! Glad you like the name. As for recommendations, it really depends on how long you want to make a contract for. If you’re looking for a magical backer, somebody focused on that like Isis or Hecate could be good. If your aim is this guy though, probably someone more associated with your target level of relationship.

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Thank you! I will look into these figures when I can. (:

I’m familiar with both so will look into them! Thank you.

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