Spell to get women

Any good spells to get women in general or even a specific woman who is already attracted to you.

try using the search engine


Open chequebook Magick. Collect old, discarded slips with large amounts printed on them from automatic teller machines and drop these from your wallet (by mistake) when at a bar. When a woman picks these up she’ll look at them - they all do - then the Magick starts.

Also, Naamah is very good. I think that there’s an evocation posted here somewhere.



This is the best advice, and you should follow it. We’re not going to do all the work for you, so please try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen before opening threads for such basic questions. You’ll save a lot of time, and members will not have to endlessly repeat themselves.

After all, we have an entire section for Love spells. Speaking of which, I’m going to move this over there, where it belongs, instead of General.

May be just a wallet full of lots of money … It depends on what type of women of course … Sometimes there is no need of magic at all. You can try to ask a friend to help you. To star a rumor that you’re a millionaire, but you’re eccentric and you do not want anyone to know that. I am joking. :smiley:


One of these days I repeated some times the second Enochian Key, which I once found here, not advised but rather indicated as dangerous, oh well (maybe I need either to do an uncrossing or simply to learn/practice more, maybe use ritual implements) I’m starting to look exactly at “extreme” methods…
Also, for example, the mantra “Kleem” may be said or vibrated and a classic number of repetitions is 108.

I have found it. What effect you received from this?

Perhaps I felt something while repeating it but, other than that, no result at the moment. I followed the “one working” approach, adding a bit of meditation as integration/support.

There are working rites with bat wing but AFAIK they are too secret. I also don’t know if I will be able to kill bat. There are also runic combinations for this …