Spell to get them to make a move?

Theres this guy I’ve been seeing on and off. He is definitely interested but is so so bad at replying, are there any spells I could do to make them reach out more often?

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you don’t need spells, Just talk to the guy and tell him where you want the friendship/relationship to go.


I will give you the most powerful spell known upon the face of the Earth…

It’s called…communication. And, apparently, it is a dying art.

As @anon37593562 said, talk to him. Let him know what you want. I don’t understand why some find that so difficult that they have to immediately reach for their spell book rather than use a tool humans have used for millennia.


simple communication is really a dying art. It’s due to lack of interpersonal social interaction. People get use to text or email or social media. I see people even texting each other at cafes with person they sit in front of. What BS is that. Put the phone down and talk and look at the person.

That’s why there is no real connection or real friendship/relationship these days. They are all fake base on social media and texting. U don’t even know the person in real life. And people wonder why they can’t get a good person in their life. Cuz they are being fake with social media/text/email. They don’t make time to actually get to know person. Unless they are sleeping with them. Which is a booty call not real marriage /relationship. Yes, marriage is the same. Couple don’t spend time unless its’ booty call too.

If he was actually interested he wouldn’t be so shit at replying, and wouldn’t be so on/off. People make time for, and put effort into the stuff they truly give a hoot about. Buck up and tell this guy what you want and get on with it.

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