Spell to get a woman when u don't know their last name

I’m always trying different forms of magic to see what works the best. So far what’s gotten me the best results with bangin chicks is evocation. But a friend of myn said she does love spells that work great. She said she’ll meditate for hours on thinking of her with the person that she wants. Picture them fucking kissing being passionate. I did what she said with a red figure candle. I put love oil avouple of sticks groindef down. I sat in front of the candle until it burned out. Thinking of the girl us together. I don’t have her last name so I just used her first name. I did the ritual and nothing happened. She was showing me interest befor. She even gave me her phone number. So there is some attraction. But this spell was an absolute epic fail. Any body have any input?

conjure inanna and tell her what type of woman you like. offer her a gift. she does incredible work if you connect with her.

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Do u know where I can get a sigil for her?

Some sources (wikipidea lol) say that it’s inanna=ishtar=astaroth. Is it true?
I’m always pretty skeptical when it comes to claims that multiple entities is one.

astaroth isn’t inanna or ishtar. astaroth is athirat (asherah).

asherah is the queen of heaven, not the lady (princess) of heaven that inanna or ishtar is. athirat is anu (el)'s lover; inanna and ishtar/astarte are anu’s daughters. they are different.

athirat is 1/3rd of the triple goddess; she is the tetragrammaton (self) of the triple goddess. when combined with the astarte (ishtar or inanna, who is the primeumaton or positive expression of the triple goddess) and anat (who is the anaphaxeton or baneful expression of the triple goddess), she becomes the metagoddess qetesh aka qudshu, qadisha, or qadosh. in judaism this metagoddess is called ruach ha-kodesh, or the holy spirit in christianity. in islam the metagoddess is called al-ruh al-quddus. in that way, qadosh moves through the middle eastern religions and is still worshipped to this day through judeoxian syncretism.

inanna is from sumer (south iraq - uruk in chaldea, near modern samawah). ishtar is from assyria (north iraq - nineveh, ashur, and erbil). inanna is the lady (princess) of heaven. ishtar is the bitch goddess. they’re similar but not the same. different cultures understood her differently. it’s kind of like the difference between an american and canadian, or a german and austrian. similar in a lot of ways but NOT the same.

anat is the goddess of war and not much is known about her. she was called a lover of ba’al hadad and also called a virgin. her description is similar to that of the greek goddess athena.

they are not the same but they combine.


Very interesting post, thank you for clarification.

You don’t need a last name; you need an energetic connection with the woman, so you can connect her with the candle. When you sit down to do the spell, after entering TGS, feel this woman next to you, centered on the candle. Feel her aura intersecting with yours, and feel your combined energy responding to your breath. Don’t imagine her - that will simply create a thought-form in her image, which would not be helpful in this instance. Instead, understand that time and space are an illusion, and simply notice her presence. As you feel that presence, feel it overlay the candle, merging with it, until the two are connected. Then light the candle, and let the energy of the flame empower the thought-form of the two of you together. I prefer a single image to represent my desire, coupled with a short statement such as , “So-and-so is now becoming irresistibly attracted to me more every day, and acts on that attraction in direct, obvious ways.” Some people prefer more flowery, poetic statements, but I personally find that structuring statements as if I were writing a script for hypnosis works best. The flame empowers the thought form, and the candle acts as a connection to your subject, thus connecting the thought-form with her to bring about your desired result.

If you’ve never been in her presence, try soul travelling to her first. Just focus on her and will yourself to her. Once there, feel yourself in her energetic presence and just breathe, enjoying the feeling of being close to her, merging her aura with yours. Once you’ve done this long enough that you can bring forth a strong memory of the sensation at will, proceed as described above.

One final point: I find that love spells seem to work better when the subject is asleep at the time.

Hope that helps!


If you don’t have her last name, you need one HELL of a rootworker to get that job done. I’m talking 10-20 years experience. Otherwise you got no link to her

Isn’t lust a link? He’s breathed her pheromones and admired her waist/hip ratio & various other key determining factors?

I was crap at love magick until I met my sweetie, but (likje most women who have most body-parts intact) I could always get laid…

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:9, topic:5069”]Isn’t lust a link? He’s breathed her pheromones and admired her waist/hip ratio & various other key determining factors?

I was crap at love magick until I met my sweetie, but (likje most women who have most body-parts intact) I could always get laid…[/quote]

Lust is an emotion. If he doesn’t have a part of her, he doesn’t really have anything. Candle burning is great and all. But there’s way too many options to be sticking to that.

There are a couple of entities in the Kingdoms of Flame that will work, depending on the purpose you want to accomplish.

There’s lust entities in every single religion period. Phra Ngan has been by farrrr the most powerful, but he likes to get fed with female ejaculate. He’ll have girls grinding up on the pocket you’re carrying his fetish is, having orgasms in your ear.

papa guero is right.

you have to create a surrogate link to her somehow. can you draw? if you can draw well, try to draw a photo of her while you repeat her name and as many details about her as you remember, maybe something she said while she was with you or describe her clothes or her smell, or if she has dimples, freckles, earrings, or anything. the more detail you put in the better you jog your memory. and use that drawing as a symbol of her.

then maybe take that drawing and present it to inanna and ask her to bring the girl back to you. or, you may want to also ask agares from goetia. agares brings back runaways. the aim is for you to bring her back long enough to ask her for something, a gift of some type that you can keep as a link so you can work on her more.

a weaker thing you MAY want to do, is use YOURSELF as a link. everybody that you have interacted with leaves some impression on your energy field in some way. you may want to use yourself as a link and evoke agares or another spirit that brings people to you in order to to bring every woman back into your life that you’ve met with in the last however many days since you saw her last. but keep in mind if you have interacted with someone you don’t want to meet again it can backfire so take those precautions.

what a coincidence (aka not a coincidence at all)! dr. christos kioni received an unction from inanna to give a calling for her to draw a specific woman to you! he put it on his blog site myhoodoospace; you can read it HERE. i will not cut/paste his proprietary content. join his site to get the info.