Spell to curse my ex

I want to cast a spell to curse my ex. Any tips?

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Best curse would be finding a better person all around :slightly_smiling_face:
Also :point_down:


Maybe the ‘Myrrh’ spell from the Greek Papyri Magicae. It’s purpose is her to stop enjoying anything until she returns to you. I have found however that when she comes to see you, there isn’t a lot of fun to be had. Maybe perform this spell and than avoid seeing her?


So what you are going to do is get yourself together, talk about the relationship the good and the bad. Move on then become a better person. Then when you are glowing in your new light then you can consider your curse completed.


Interesting. What spell is that? I don’t seem to find anything about it.

Like I wrote. The Myrrh spell from the book by Hans Dieter Betz - the Greek Magical Papyri in translation.
It is on page 67. I recommend to first consecrate the Myrrh using the ritual on the next page (68) and to perform the Bornless Ritual first.
Gather the ashes and scather them either at a crossroad betweeen your house and the one whose love you desire or leave them at their doorstep. This is a lovespell.


I have the book. Posting PDF’s is not allowed, I recommend you delete down that post

ope, didn’t know that. Anyway you’re sure it’s page 67?

Yup good idea to take it down

Yes. And even if in the PDF it is on the next page or two pages, you will probably be able to find it…

thanks hun

No probs hun

I assume you’re a guy and the only effective way to “harm” your ex is to move on and get yourself a better and hotter sexier new girlfriend.
Simple human psychology.
That’s my humble advice to you and no need to thank me at all :wink:

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When you say “there isn’t a lot of fun to be had” is that from your experience or others? Because I was trying to search for people mentioning their results from it and found nothing

By this I mean that I have experienced it in this way. This doesn’t mean that you or anyone else will have the same experience. I don’t post other people’s experiences or opinions.


Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “not fun to be had?”

And the spell is basically burning myrrh over coals while saying a prayer? Does it need to be burning when it’s consecrated first or no?

What I mean is that my ex (on whom I did this) hated me. When I performed this Spell she’d come to me (quickly) but without love. It was obvious that she felt ‘urged’ to come to me, but as soon as we had contact her hate flared up.
EDIT: She hated me when we broke up.
I got nothing more than a hug and some slight caressing out of it.

Now. For the purpose of the spell (which is to have her come to you - because she can’t enjoy anything untill she does so) To me, that part has absolutely proven itself to work.
For getting her to love me (again) - this it has not.
I hope that anyone who tries this Spell has success with it. Love is better than Hate.

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