Spell to Cause Technology-Related Issues

So I’ve recently been wronged by someone, but on this occasion I don’t want to go too extreme in terms of revenge. I’m not setting out to ruin their life or do any lasting damage (well for the moment anyway), I just want to make their life unpleasant for a while. The target works in IT and also spends a large amount of time outside of work on PC’s (very into gaming, social media etc.), so I have decided that targeting this area of their life is bound to cause frustration.

Basically, I want them to experience an intense ‘Mercury Retrograde’ effect in their life for a while. I want them to experience things that usually occur when this astrological phenomenon happens, but more extreme. Things such as: problems with technical equipment- especially PC’s and phones, problems with the internet, issues with their facebook account, struggling to communicate with friends on social media etc.

My first idea was to draw the sigil of Taphthartharath (spirit of Mercury) over a photo of them, but I then decided the effects of this might be a bit too harsh. I then had another idea- what I’m thinking of doing now is to simply draw the planetary glyph of Mercury along with the Retrograde symbol over their photo. In fact, Mercury is currently in retrograde, so I’m guessing this can only help. I would say something along the lines of ‘Mercury is now retrograde in your life, and you experience this more intensely than anyone else.’ Something like that anyway…

Any thoughts?

Work with XaTuring. He is the god of the Internet and technology and capable of fucking up even vast digital networks as well as all kinds of hardware and software.


To get in tune with him I recommend a meditation utilizing one of his soundtracks.

His soundtrack:
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_O_x-n7FLE]Maetrik - The Entity - YouTube

I then recommend doing what you described above with the image of the offender as well as a sigil of your choosing. Preferably do this on a digital device, instead of paper.

Next do this hacker’s “Black Snake” experiment on the sigil. XaTuring is a black snake so to honor him you will create this black snake thing that emanates from the device with the sigil

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jNG8w0lJ4U]Black Snake Science Experiment - YouTube

While the snake erupts from the sigl you film the whole thing.

You then upload that film to youtube and other networks in honor of Xaturing.

Make sure you share it so it get’s at least 111 views.

Thank XaTuring and close the working. Whenever you feel desire coming back up, go and rewatch the video of the snake emanating from the sigil while you are in a relaxed meditative state.

Hail XaTuring!


Many thanks for this very helpful advice, I will deffo look into this! :slight_smile: