Spell to banish lust for results?

A couple of you guys have done a few love spells on my behalf and I have done my own love spells. I feel like it should work now but something I am having a really hard time doing is forgetting about it, not trying to look for signs, not lusting for the result, ect. Is there anything to help with that?

Yes. Get a Busy life other than magick. Exercise program, extra job work hours, increase social dating life, a hobby that both mentally and physically engages you, etc. Be busy.


Yeah what @Meowlix said. Do something to take your mind off then come back to it later, this feeling comes from impatience.

Like one time I wanted the LBR I did to work instantly I guess, so I was thinking of doing it again to make sure it worked, but a friend told me to wait and eventually it worked.

Just take your mind off, patience is your virtue.

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Kevashiel from Angels of Alchemy will help you with this. He works fast. Just use this statement if you work with him for this purpose, “My lust for results is eliminated!”.


Quality guy indeed

I would agree with whats been stated earlier, get busy doing other stuff so you really can disconnect from it.
Doing a spell to help let go is kinda hard If you can let go of the spell to start with.
There is a reason in my mind why one set the stage when doing magic, by fixing the room, alter, tools, taking a bath, using special cloathing and really planing it out and making sure to really be in the zone and once you are finished leave the arra, change to reguallary clothes and do something completly down to earth like doing the dishes or whatever you senap out from the mindset.
Thats one way to really seperate the mundande life from the magic work. If all your desire is used up in the ritual then it should be limited after in your daily life.
In NLP you use techniques to get rid of thoughts, ideas, limitations in the same way as one should do in magic.
So If you have a hard time to let go then you could also look into techniques used to distance yourself for it, all thatvthe is some mental exercise on your part.

Summon the obsession, and bind it. Clean out any spirits of obsession, or kiumbas, with a bath made from tobacco, green mint, the petals of a white rose, and sea salt.

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Statement amended to the exact statement I personally use: " Kevashiel, my lust for results is eliminated. I surrender my desire."