Spell to "age" or make an enemies looks fade?

Hello, I"ve been looking on the forums for a spell to age a person or at least mess with their looks. An example would be to make the person look tired and haggard, lose hair, dark circles etc. All that annoying stuff that vain people despise. I can’t seem to find one specific thing, do you recommend that I just create my own? As I’m writing this a thought just came to me to put this person’s picture in a jar and just add cut strips of paper with the words of skin conditions to it? Maybe a sign? Who knows, I appreciate any advice or suggestions. As usual thank you all in advance and much love.


There is a hex I use sometimes that causes leg ulcers and tooth loss through gum disease or usually trauma and muscle wastage.

The other option is to work with Marbas and request they get an illness that causes them to get these affects.


Can you PM me the hex? I would appreciate it.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

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You are welcome. Let me know when things start moving in a couple of weeks… The bell is not a necessary item if you do not have one btw

@anon773983 Would you mind pming me the hex too?

Summon the spirits of the dead and send them into the target’s body.


Hi. Could you pm me the hex too please? It can always be useful.

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How though? I’m not that advanced

@anon773983 hi! can you put the hex here! thanks!

Just a heads up. The person you are replying to is no longer on this forum. Anytime you see “anon” follwed by numbers, it means the account has been closed.


I just got the book “Lucifer and the hidden demons” and there’s one demon Sarsiel that brings disease that causes scars, blemishes and other forms of ugliness.