Spell/Ritual to lose my attraction towards someone?

There is someone I fell deeply in love with,and I have been very attracted to this person for 5 years now. We were friends,but I’ve done something so unforgivable to her out of jealousy,that she stopped talking to me since 9 months now,and she won’t say a single word,no matter how many times I apologize of what I’ve done to her. I tried moving on,but I’m physically attracted to her to the point it’s impossible. Could magic help me forget about her?

cut the cord.


cut contact. apologies don’t resolve anything. accept the fact that you did that thing that hurt her and move on and learn from your mistakes for future relationships


Knowing how the human brain works I’d say you have a couple of things you could do:
Cut all forms of communication i.e delete phone number social accounts etc.
Find yourself someone else to love/keep your mind off her. I’m sure they’re lots of other people out there who are more attractive.
Learn to respect her choice to distance herself from you. In doing so you’re also doing what we usually term as having self respect.
Remember that since she decided to erase you from her life she doesn’t deserve any space in your brilliant brain/head/life.
Most importantly you must convince yourself that she ain’t ever going to be the one for you nd that’s the truth.
All the best. Xellerta.


Cutting contact will probably help!
You could also try to ask Dantallion to help you to get another mindset and let it go better. :slight_smile:

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How do I get on contact with him?

There are explanations on that into this forum. I tried to send find a link for you to a specific thread but I couldn’t find it yet.

Basics are… drawing the sigil on a piece of paper. Maybe listening to his enn. Starring on the sigil. Talking to the demon… maybe doing a petition. Use the search bar to find many different threads and experiences :slight_smile:

None of this shit will work really, I don’t think. Depends JUST how attached tp her you are.

Except stuff like just learning to love and respect yourself enough to move on and see what she has permanently chosen to miss out on just because of a rough patch. I don’t care WHAT you did. Nothing is unforgivable.

There is a difderence between boundaries and damnation. It is the self she sees in you she’s damning. You don’t need to join her in damning yourself.

I think the adaptation from Simon’s Necronomicon of the Astarte Love/Sex slave ritual, reappropriated for white magick ends, where you EAT the apple at the end might help though. You will cultivate self love and a deeper connection with Astarte, who will love you, help you love yourself and help you FIND and OBTAIN love. Maybe your exfriend will even come back. Who knows?

As for your exfriend, unless you got some black magick spell cooked up to force her to face the illusory nature of her false sense of superiority, I would suggest doing the above until you are healed up enough to cast a friendship spell to bring her back into your life. I woukd warn you about love spells though: Once I found a love spell to get back MY exfriend after similar circumstances to yours (with equally unhelpful responses) and was delighted upon it’s discovery. I went to sleep that night overjoyed. And then in my dreams, right before waking up, I was given a very explicit message. By what? My unconscious/subconscious mind? My higher self? Some other entity watchibg over me or something? Who knows? But the message was this: “If you want her, you can have her. Bit then you’re stuck with her” Spooky.