Spell/Ritual for Clairaudience

Hello, my astral senses are almost nonexistent as of today

I only have the ability to discern when entities are around. I’ve tried asking entities to say stuff when they’re around but I can’t hear anything.

Does anyone know of any spells or rituals to kickstart astral senses?

I’ve heard that visualizing can help with clairvoyance and audiolising for clairvoyance but that poster also said that this was pretty much the same thing as daydreaming which is something I’ve been doing my entire life


There is no spell or ritual for developing the senses. It takes time and practice. Spirits like Paralda and Mepsitahl can aid the process, but you still need to do meditations and exercises.

It’s like building muscles. Even when you get as muscular as you desire, exercising is still required to maintain it.


Will do, thanks for the advice

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As DarkestKnight said, you have to work to develop your senses. Spirits can help, that is true, but I recommend you to look at VK. Jehannum’s blog and see through his website and look for rituals that you like. They are extremely simple and powerful, requiring you to only sing chants or vibrate certain names


Just checked out his website, looks awesome! I’ll definitely try them out


I found them extremely useful and effective but i stream through a variety of sources

May as well sticky this post as it’s asked every week - and this is the only real response :man_shrugging:

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Thanks to Dantalyon for helping me project and aura of charisma at my business meeting!