Spell or Ritual for Privacy

From time to time, I’ve had a number of experiences where people are trying to break into my email accounts or just pry into my private life. Does anyone know of a spell, ritual, or spiritual entity that can help me create a cloud of privacy around my physical body and my internet footprint?

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There are a lot of spells to “make yourself invisible”. This is what they mean by this. When using this kind of spell, make sure your intent includes nobody noticing or feeling interest in the idea of prying into your life.

There are many on the platform, and if all else fails, many demons that specialize in this can teach you.


Good luck!

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Of the Goetic demons - Bael might be who you are looking for:

  • “To remain unseen when you would otherwise be noticed”

  • “To make somebody lose interest in you and your affairs”

  • “To bring confusion and torment to anybody who enquires about a subject that you wish to remain hidden”


Perhaps it would be beneficial to learn the ins and outs of the spells yourself. Manifestation is an invaluable thing to learn.

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Thank you Veil for your suggestions. I was just reading up on Bael. He seems to be the right one to contact

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