Spell of protection for a loved one?

I need a powerful protection spell or ritual for a loved one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Not sure how much I can help, but no one else has yet so I’m sure this will be better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you done evocation before? Do you communicate with entities? Maybe you can try that with a friendly being interested in helping. If you put your desire out to the universe they may come to you, showing you a sign or whatever. On your own you can pray and focus on envisioning things with your attention. But doing a ritual for a favour might help you and your friend. Maybe make a charm for protection in your ritual and get them to wear it? Investigate an entity properly before you choose to contact it.

If your loved one is being targeted by magic and are aware of that then their own mindset and power of attention will help a lot too.

Okay thank you!