Spell "limitations" and suggestions?

Okay what i’m going to ask right here is, uhh well let me explain myself a little at first.

I’m waiting to do something about a love spell that i have been waiting to work for a long (over a year now) and it sort of was told that it would work after even a longer period of waiting, but i’m a guy in my early twenties so waiting for over a year has been somewhat difficult already. So i’m most probably going to try some new methods after i have got divinations on it…

But! what i was going to ask here, is if meanwhile before doing something about that “big love situation” i could try doing a lust spell on totally different subject today, just as an experiment… and for uhh lusty reasons.

But what i was worried about that could doing lust spells affect the power and flow of my love spells? since they are “sort of the same category” and i dunno if you can do many “same category” spells and have them working on at the same time, although i don’t see why not - but i felt like i could ask so i did.

I know that i’m sometimes my own biggest enemy, people have told me that after the readings… but i also keep positive attitude nowadays and don’t dwell on my mistakes, i’ll just take these matters on! and the power in me grows stronger.

Anyways thanks for everyone who is helping me, i admit that i’m still going to need help regarding magic matters at least readings and stuff but hey together we grow powerful.

As sort of an disclaimer: if you are something who thinks love/lust spells are unethical i have no clue why are you reading this sub-forum, so yeah pointless to tell me how bad you feel about my lusty and sinful ways… Personally i think its all fine and that’s good enough for me.

Also another disclaimer: I’m not depressed or desperate over these loves, i know it doesn’t work that way. I really do want that person who i want to pull the serious spell on, but i acknowledge that i will do just fine without - and i should not put her before myself.

I’m also willing to take any magical advice towards whole realm of lust,love and attractiveness. Just because i like those things in general.

So if someone has any good book suggestions that’s cool too, or even better audio books on youtube as i’m better listener than reader. But the main question here, is more than 1 spell from 1 “spell region” possible to be active and not to fuck up with your other stuff from that same reason?

I hope you guys and ladies understand what i’m asking here.

I’ve talked about what I struggle in Love Magic,and I can’t emphasize it enough,because it’s something I can’t shake off.


I differentiate romance and lust greatly.I know clearly what one is without the other,and I know how bleak,pointless,and dry both can be.I strive for the former far more than the latter.

I’ve spoken on topics in Love Magic before,from conjuring lovers from the aether,making celebrity crushes happen,compelling people to fall in love with you,and doing all sorts of weird things,but here’s the thing…

None of that advice matters.It’s all speculation,and based on experience with non-love spells.Because none of it comes from actually taking what I know and applying it.None of it comes from experience.

And that’s troubling.And it is my intent to troubleshoot is to troubleshoot my spellcasting in this matter.So,if you want,you can tell me about your experiences,I can tell you about mine,anyone who has ever struggled with this,and conquered it can come and help.It may be awesome.

I just wish to hear what others have to say on this.Because this is a field in which one has the hardest time detaching,and one has the hardest time releasing all emotion.Add to this that human sexuality is complex,add to that that love is complex,that views on human sexuality,and views on love,are complicated.

Even if you’re just here to ask questions related to love spells,I can bet that if I channel a spirit of love,that some productive answers would come.

Yeah, btw i have to say at this point that i did the lust spell just as an experiment of what will the end result be - because i came to the conclusion that the kind of spell i made wouldn’t have any negative affects. It was pretty simple candle spell and i will tell you more about it later, i will first give it 2 weeks to have completely manifested.

But seriously i’m interested in love magick and getting it to work, of course it would be even more crucial to get my astral senses/astral projection to work so i could discuss this matter with entities by ease.

You bring up interesting points, and its true that the best help would probably come from someone who is familiar with it and is good with it - the love magic especially not just getting a load of one night stands which is a complete different thing.

What do you want me to tell especially? i mean in private message i can tell pretty much i guess, but at least not in public - not any personal details i mean. The problem is that in a sense i don’t have a problem sharing information, but i’m also not sure do the spirits on my side appreciate if i’m too open about my plans and life here.

Stop making bitches and bastards, and when they love each other and not you, your God?