Spell leftovers

Ancients texts call for burying spell remants, papers, left over wax and whatever in a forest or dispose of them in rivers, but what if you don’t have access to those?
Can you just trash them? Or what?

What are you working with Pentacles, Chaos Sigils, Seals, Magick Square?

I often do the banishing rite of throwing shit into the kitchen trash can, to get rid of spent materials used in ritual.

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Potted plants, burrial in crossroads, cemetaries, just do whatever you can

so far i’ve used photos, seals, and written statements of intent but the last ones i usually burn

ok so it’s possible to just trash them

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Photos I think it would depend on what it was use for, seals and statements I burn.
I like to destroy (Burn) the item that had magical intent that no longer serves a purpose.

I’d take the intent out of them first - close sigils, de-charge items by willing the energy into the ground, de-consecrate, cleanse etc - then it doesn’t matter what you do with the physical remnants.

I usually burn seals/sigils during ritual, or keep them.
I’m not sure if trashing an open sigil by any means would be considered respectful, I’d never do it myself.

My love spell jar I pour a shit ton of salt into and waited a day. Pour the left over in my driveway so the rain would wash it away. And toss the glass. Salt is good to void a lot of shit.

Fuck that, I want my trash to be a nasty mix of leftover energies and partial intents, so when it ends up in the landfill, I can imagine some wild animal getting caught up in it and getting mutated to hell.

thank you all for your input