Spell,incatation,tip to get traffic to my affliate program links?

Hello, I started an adult site a couple of months ago but getting money through the affiliate programs is tough, I am looking for ways to change that so I can have a descent income. I cant do full rituals do to lack of privacy so I am looking for something small but effective. Thank you

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Do you work with Runes?

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No I never tried them. If you have any suggestions on what to do please share

Yeah I asked bc I have an Runic Formula app where there is a good section I use for enhancing material succes. At least you could try?

Working with demons?


While there is no ritual, spirit, or spell, that is directly formulated for driving internet traffic specifically, you can always take pre-existing rituals and adapt them.

However, my advice would be to create a servitor. In my opinion, a self created spirit specifically designed for your purpose has a much better chance of success.


Sounds like a good idea. Thank you

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