Spell for attraction of soul mate, for others only

My friend is close to giving up on love, and has come to me for help. I don’t just want to cast a spell for any old love interest. I want to cast a spell to attract their soulmate, their twin flame, their perfect match! Admittedly, the only love spells I know are for those already in relationships and are typically spells i haven’t cast on any but myself. I don’t want to mind control anyone into loving them, only to help attract the one for them. Thank you.

you can’t do that for them. soulmate connection has to do with both of them. It’s the bond they have. The person have attract soulmate themselves. Soulmates appear when they are ready. Seems friend isn’t ready. Even if they have soulmate in front of them, they won’t recognize it if they aren’t ready or open to it.

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Dang it… i just want them to find love… be happy, i dont wanna force it, just encourage something to happen


You could try evoking Venus, and she’s quite accessible. You could recite her Orphic hymn while gazing at some image, painting or statue of hers that resonates with you and appeals to you. Some insense and a red candle could help too, but I’ve been able to communicate with her even without these. After a while you will be able to strike a conversation with her, but even if it doesn’t feel like that, there will be a moment once you get in the proper state, when you will be able to ask her for that wish of yours. She’s ancient, archetypal and immensely proficient in the matters of love. She can even give advice and be mind-blowingly accurate, and moreover she is benevolent. It’s nice to strike a deal like saying public thanks or something, but she’s quite content with just becoming your friend. She’s been quite helpful in my experience! Best of luck!

I would enchant a piece of jewelry or a item for her to attract her right someone. It won’t bring her soulmate technically, but bring someone who will be right for her in her perspective. I’ve created a spell like this for a client of mine, she’s married to her husband now.

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Call upon the spirit Tul or the angel Saspu from Kingdoms of Flame.

Tul can reveal the secrets of and knowledge of love and Soul Mates, and can “see the heart’s truth and knows what must be done to win the heart of another.”

Saspu is the Angel of Love and Friendship, and can “bring love and friendship into the life on the magician or another whom the magician shall name.”

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