Spell Failure

Are there any chances that the spell you do gets fail and you don’t get the results? Also what maybe the reasons for it? @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight

Yes, love spells especially can be really difficult because it’s your will versus the will of another human. I don’t think any of us has a complete list of all the possible reasons it could happen, but maybe you will get some more helpful replies. :+1:


Noted. But i am mostly trying the love spells. Please don’t scare me that there are more chances with love spells that they don’t work😅

I agree with @Lady_Eva. There are far too many reasons to list for why a spell fails. It could be because of lust of result, or too many specifics, or counter measures taken by the target, or lack of experience and power on the part of the magician, strength of will, etc.

Love spells on specific targets and money spells in particular are generally the most difficult for a lot of people, and are the most likely to fail, because of the heavy emotional attachment invested in the outcome. One of the keys to magick is to let go of your desire once the ritual is complete, and if you can’t, the spell ends up feeding into your attachment, making you even more desperate.

It seems a lot of the time that it is easier to kill with magick, than it is to make someone love you.


So are there any measures to be taken to make a love spell succeed? Or what mistakes should we avoid to make our spell successful? I am a beginner so what cautions should i take to make my spell successful? Or should i avoid doing it myself and tell some professional person to do it for me? Because i don’t want my spell to fail.

I was considering to ask a similar question to E.A. in a future live chat… And it seems like personally I’m more successful in, indeed, baneful magick…
It may be important to break down rituals and spells. Example: there’s a demon who “brings” a person to the evoker so, even if love spirits presumably do that, if there is such a necessity he must be contacted too. Or the opposite, going to the desired individual; in fact the magician must take actions, at least the possible ones, in everyday life.
Similarly, work on aura and chakras, train in evocation, visualization etc.
An advice read on this forum and that I sometimes apply is to do for example one sigil spell after another: so it may happen to forget some desires, and that’s a way to deal with lust of result.

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My wife and I actually casted a love spell around the same time before meeting actually. I cannot really explain her success but mine was a very simple spell. I used four ingredients: a couple pieces of cloth, some rose water, a candle and a bowl. I took the two pieces of cloth, one in each hand. On my left, I thought about me: what can I bring to a relationship, what I expect out of love, etc. In the other hand, I thought of qualities that I wanted from my partner, what was willing to give in exchange, etc. I visualized my black flames in the cloth in my left hand (the “me”) and then a white flame in my right (the “her”). I tied both together, watching the flames mingle and merge, becoming one. I then placed them in a bowl and poured rose water on them. Laying them out to dry, I light the candle to give a portal for the energy of my working to travel before declaring the ritual done.

Now, it was not the ritual in itself I gave the success to. It was the prep work that went into it before I even started. I had spent weeks mediating on these questions: “Why do I want love? Why is it necessary? What exactly do I want out of it? What kind of person can I honestly commit myself to?” While the ritual in itself was very general, my actual list was pretty specific, with the core being that I wanted a woman who did not just support or comfort me, but was not afraid to give me the good kick in the ass I needed to rise higher than I imagined I could. I essentially programmed my subconscious to look for those traits through those mediations, as well as awaken that desire as much as a starving man craves food. And then after ritual, I stepped out of my comfort zone and followed up the working by agreeing to meet for coffee while I was at my lowest point in my life. And she has stuck around ever since, even though I forgot about the spell until a month into the relationship. I am not trying to brag about my success (trust me, my ex was a good example of a failure who I also used a spell on without the prep I mentioned above. That was a nightmare) but emphasizing it can be accomplished.

So, in my opinion, there are many reasons why spells fail, ranging from being too specific for it to be possible to lack of prep for larger rituals to no follow up work (or lack of interest I’m the case of specific love spells). I can argue that approach can be a problem to. For example, in the case of making a specific person love you, it would be far easier to tackle the task in smaller pieces than as a whole. For example, instead of “love me” go with “notice me”. From there, you can them follow up by hanging out with the individual if they respond well and let things grow from there.


This post from a few years back by catmackenna is a good troubleshooting start. If you are experiencing regular failure or even blowback then the issue is likely internal and takes a specific kind of tools to tackle. Otherwise, there are countless external factors that may be affecting the working.


External factors? Can you explain some?

Do a divination, and you’ll find out what is affecting your magic!


@ZOZO666, I suggest diligently making use of Law of Attraction techniques: