Spell backfired?

Hi all. So a while back i did a spell directed at someone to confuse them, as they were stalking me and i just wanted them to forget all about me/become confused about why they were even doing it. Within a day she immediately seemed to switch her attention onto someone else, and i forgot all about the spell. One thing I recently noticed though is that since ive done said spell, everytime ive been near her i seem to be confused as well. I was so confused i even impulsively said hi to her twice like we were friends (keep in mind i would never do this, i rarely even say hi to my real friends). I usually never have a thought in my mind about a spell backfiring, nor do I have any trouble with lusting for results, so im curious as to why this has happened. She does no magick, asides from having crystals perhaps if you count that, and the one thing I do know is her ancestors are specifically strong (damn natural protections) but I did petition my own ancestors a while ago prior to the spell to interfere on my behalf and to tell them to back off, but that was all. Anyways, im not too upset about this effect, i mean it could be worse, but I would like to hear what you guys believe possibly couldve caused it in order to avoid it in the future. Thanks!

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Can you define “spell” better? Like did you just read a poem and burn it? Or was it more involved?

Some people have natural “mirrors” up as well. So that’s a possibility.

Specifically, its from Damon Brand’s book: Magickal Protection, and the spell is called “Take Power from a Bully”. it utilizes angels and sigils, and is repeated for three days. And to my understanding, it might very well be that this girl is just gifted with so much natural protection. Or I am doing something completely wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

If you did what the book says, you aren’t wrong.

Did you have protection up before casting? If not, that’s your issue right there.

Otherwise, I’d do some divination or speak with an entity involved on what’s going on.

I had some protections, nothing too serious so that definitely couldve been it. Ill ask my deities soon, I dont know why I didn’t think to do that first haha.

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