Spell against heat

So I live in Texas, meaning summer here is very hot. I was wondering if anyone knew any spell or meditation or something to help me shield me and my property from the heat. If you can that’d be very helpful

No, not that I know of. Magick doesn’t really work that way in the physical world.

While the presence of spirits are said to affect the temperature within the limited area of their materialization, I have never heard of any kind of spell or ritual to shield an area from the actual physical heat of the sun.

If you are familiar with elemental magick, you could pore breathe Water, to cool yourself down, but outside of that, I think technology, like an air conditioner, is your best bet.

You could also call upon spirits of Air to kick up a cool breeze or two, but, again, it won’t actually do anything about the heat.

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Oh. Well thank you darkestknight that’s actually very helpful

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Peeps in the Elemental Magick section might be able to help you out.