Spell against controlling/abusive parents?

I am 19 years old and I still live with my conservative Muslim parents. I know I am not 5 anymore but they will never let me become independent, their control is way too strong. It caused me various mental illnesses as anxiety, depression, even tried suicide, it’s just unlivable. But they never took it seriously, they think I am baiting for attention. I’m in university but I still have a curfew, I can rarely go out with friends and their control literally destroys all my relationships and it isolates me a lot. I’m at the Sorbonne (the most prestigious university in France and very well known all over the world), I don’t know what more they want from me. I did my possible to be perfect for them but I’m at a point where I just can’t anymore. And you can imagine that my relationship with them is deplorable, I had to lie a lot to get out and just live a normal adolescence but they have lost all confidence in me, it seems like they hate me, they even try to spy on my social networks.
Long story short is there any spell to relax them? That they almost forget I exist, some kind of a leave me alone spell?


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you need to contact a Being to help you get out and reestablish your freedom and independence

I dont know if you love your parents still (i am pretty sure you do but i still ask) but the best way in my opinion is you get out and get yourself financially stable to live on your own, not harming your parents (i am not implying you wish to harm them though)

As someone who grew up in an abusive household I can understand your situation though perhaps its not exactly the same probably.


Try The Archangel Michael

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Lol you like Michael huh

@9timesoutof5 Hes right. One of Michael’s talents is settling disputes.


I never said he wasn’t. Lol

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Stop doing that. Stop trying to be what others want you to be. I mean, keep studying at the Sorbonne (I wish I could’ve studied there), but stop trying to be perfect. Kick the board, so to speak, openly say what the fuck are they going to do if you ignore their curfew

Try to focus your magick in getting money and moving out. After that, once you have your own place, you can always say fuck them and be at peace.

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Together with magic, i would think of yoga readings and techniques (especially pranayama) that help you find serenity (or at least manage anxiety).

U live whit you parent’s .their house their rules, being fair. Either find a roomate, to live away from them. Or look incantation summary here under contrpl minds, pwopls etc almost the lasts parts i tnk. Its not magic to help you.tbh.either atep up and move or try at least the mantras here. Members post

The thing is that even if i find a room mate they won’t fucking let me move

beat the shit out of me

Aren’t you in your 20’s? You’re probably stronger than them.

As a Muslim I can totally understand what you’re going through however I don’t know any spell that does that. But I believe you will find soon, as the quote goes ‘what you’re seeking is seeking you’.
Bless you. And know I am always there if you ever need to talk, don’t attempt suicide it’s just a small obstacle in your life and will surely go away. :sparkles::dizzy:

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I’m 19 but I’m a woman of 5’2 and 120lbs and my dad is a grown man of 6’2 and 200lb so yes…

Oh, okay, I thought you were a guy, for some reason.