Speeding up the music deal

I sent an application form to Sony music and universal music, Then sony came back and wanted to listen to my demo track,I sent it and they will come back positively or negatively What do I do for a positive and quick turnaround, Lucifuge can help but I know she’s doing all her work for a deal, I have no intention of selling my soul to the demon who will dominate my body and soul after 50 years, I can be a very important beginning I learned a lot from paimon I know so much to make hit songs I know the language and spirit of music very well, I had a lot of songs before but I couldn’t explode, but now it is very important.Who should I call what should I do

First, good luck on your music deal, fingers crossed you get a positive response.

Try Prince Seere to speed things up. I can’t promise the results will be positive, but to speed up the process, Seere may help. Since you have a background working with King Paimon, maybe he can influence a positive response.

You don’t have to sell your soul or anything crazy like that, I’m not sure why people always think you have to do that in order to get what you desire.


Paimon made me understand music made me make more hits sound songs,If I want, I can write songs that will be hits like descapito or drake overnight but it can’t explode if I’m not in the company, But I know you will gift me with this, More hits more bitches I want more fans so I’ll work with Azazel and Lucifuge, But my main fear is, will these beings leave me when I quit spiritual life over time?I don’t want them with me until the end of my life, I want to leave them when I achieve what I want.

They will leave when you ask them to leave.

Are you adverse to angels?

There is a talisman in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick to accelerate a decision.

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The main issue is that when I get what I want, others will not leave me alone.The problem is that spirits who always wanted to work with people can bother me or show shitty dreams.They entered my life once, I know they will not leave me alone, to put a distance from the search I want.

I wanted to work with Poiel, but I can’t find his crest anywhere. Most angels work very slowly, but the results work.

https://youtu.be/xgO5IXkmlIU Real name poyel angel of fame and fortune can I use the voice in this video as enn

All they are doing is singing his name lol

Yes, you can do that (Poiel and Poyel are the exact same thing. Poiel is the standard spelling though)

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Very interested to see how this goes for you since this basically the same path I want!