Speeding up mail

So I have a package that I really want to get faster to me.

Problem is, it’s stuck in… shudders and whispers*… Italy’s postal service.

Do you guys have any entities that specialize in getting these lazy fucks to actually send me my package, or perhaps any spells?




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I don’t know a specific entity. But for something like this I would just use candle magick mixed with a sigil with the intent of something like “My mail will get here quickly” or something along those lines :slight_smile:

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The energy of Mercury and mars (swift movement)


Hermes could work…

Do you think the Angel of Lost Things could work?


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Let’s hope it’s not lost! I would transfigure, but honestly it’s like getting a shot of morphine right in the brainstem, and I’d be fucked for the rest of the day - and I’m beyond busy right now. :thinking:

Soz! :confused:

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking about using planetary magick, never worked with it though.

Got any guides that I can follow? From what I gather, today is the optimal day for a working like this.

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No worries. :slight_smile:

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The simplest way to start would be intwine the signs of mercury and mars.combined with a seperate symbol the sigilized form of the statement of your intent formed the present moment. Carve both or intertwined them into one symbol into an orange candle and use it as the gate to evoke the result desired.

During the whole process consider every step a part of the ritual, focusing on the goals result until the moment you release it into the flame.


Hmmm… you gave me an interesting idea.