Speed up body metabolism. Who would be better for this? President Marbus or Prince Seere?

Prince Seere is known for speeding things up while Marbus, I believe he’s mostly about health but can also do the job. I’m trying to speed up my metabolism just a bit.

Has anyone worked with one of them for healthy weight loss? Any success?

Neither. Your best bet is working with elemental fire.


Lift heavy. Use the fire ^ to power workouts. 1lb of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day, and you’ll feel warmer as well.


:thinking: What about Belphegor to motivate you to get on a good diet and exercise routine that would naturally promote this?

I have to say I agree with @Mulberry on the lifting. I was never a super lifter, but I enjoyed it a lot when my health was better and my energy levels and ability to sleep well were greater than any other time in my life.


I would just going to edit that post, but it seems balg errors are extending to my editing abilities and I’ve failed to do so like eight times now so I give up on editing it.

I was just going to add I am very cold natured and it did help with the body heat considerably. I tend to run a normal of 97.3 ish rather than the normal 98.6

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These are some good ideas. I just need about 10 or 12 pounds to lose anyway.

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If you can narrow it down to a habit (i.e. eating at night; sugar binges, etc.) look into Haagenti. Quick and to the point with breaking habits.


Look into the wim hoff method of cold showers, it raises your internal body temperature and your metabolism. Its a simple change that can be made in a day for yourself and do some serious good

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There are many very simple spells for this. In my opinion you don’t need an entity. However do whatever you feel called to.

Simple spell:

  • pinch of ginger (for speeding up metabolism)
  • bottled still drinking water
  • a squeeze of lemon 1x (vitamin C + cleansing of toxins)

Guidance :slight_smile:
This might not taste great for some but a sip will do. You don’t need any fancy and these are things that are probably laying around your house anyway. You don’t actually need to swallow the ginger pieces the spell works by the intention itself. When you put your intention into the potion the water is consecrated with your magickal intent.

The steps

  1. Visualise what metabolism means to you and what the outcome of the spell will look like.
  2. Visualise particles of energy in the drink, in the ginger expanding filled with green energy (green for health and well-being)
  3. Say something that means something to you like ‘May what I visualise and what I wish come to me. It is done.’

Feel free to alter this formula to suit your needs. It’s very self explanatory. :blush:


Yeah, you can breath harder.

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From a magical perspective, I would suggest Zagan. He’s very good at helping one break bad habits. I first called on him in January of 2019, I believe? And he’s helped me be more of a saver, financially.

But if you want some mundane help, I would suggest bladderwrack. Yeah, it’s kelp, which is an acquired taste. But I bought some and plan on making it into a tincture. There’s also gurmar (aka gymnema), which is a plant that takes the sweet taste off your tongue temporarily. It also tastes pretty nasty. But there’s plenty of studies to back up their effectiveness.

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Thanks everyone. good advice here!