Specific time and day to evoke?

are there specific times or days to evoke certain deamons?
on the same subject, as for Lucifer, is there a day or time for it?
thank you

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I’d evoke during the time and day of Venus for Lucifer…

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which is?

Day of venus is friday but the hour has to be calculated. There are plenty of sites and apps that will do it for you.


Thank you

This is a decent overview of the system of planetary days and hours:

If you can find which planet or element that being is linked to, you can use it to boost the power of rituals and spells.


Lady Eva ! Your knowledge truelly amazes me ! I am very new to magic and this site , there is so much info coming at me that I just can’t take in all of it !I am very interested in evocation and Angels seals.I was thinking that I should start with trying to work with Angel of Daggel .What do you think ?

I work when the moon phases are in order 2my Work. like 2day we are still feeling the new moon on Monday, not a good day for passionately protecting a family or home eh?? lol, however I usually work during the favorable Planetary days & Solar hours
ex: I want 2 bring absolute protection. to my home & my bambinos. I love 2 keep us always protected.
I’ve noticed my Work is so powerful & I’m Powerful in my Pain so I welcome it most times. but, these agitated & jealous beings not only from here but different realms not jus horrible & they “feel some kinda way abt it” & cause issues. I’ve been soaring as high as a magi/High Priestess Dark Gooddess , how ever the distractions can’t bother me so I feel like these same distractions attack my innocent babies. Im strapin up my boot straps & kickin sum mutha fluffin rass… with my “day bae’s” aka “dea~mons” of course, lol"Creole flava in me, lol" but I plant to go round my building on Tuesday on the day of Mars for Action, Drive, Force, Divine Strong Will, Protection, I’m bearing gifts 4 mother Gaia of raw precious stones~ selenite wand, raw ruby, bloodstone, saffron & yellow,roses, Salt (Corse pink Himalayan) solar day & hour) self(as dark enery) :smirk: any thing to add, its wld be so nice shld U reply & advise. Ive read up alot but Im looking 4 something else. I’d grateful appreciate it.

Solar Abundance

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