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Okay, Ive done sigil magick with great success with my good friend Sitri, but Ive never zeroed in on a specific target, so Im curious if anyone has any insights?

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Do you mean only with Sigil magick or other kinds such as symphatethic magick?

I’ve done it, with Sitri using Sigil magick, with the sigil in the left hand and with the picture of a girl in the right hand. then I visualized all ways of fucking with the girl and put emotion into it, the normal method

So the thing goes in that I was close to fuc that girl but something stopped me, the girl was far more younger than me (she even was a virgin lol) and my fear of getting into jail was bigger than my lust for her. (the girl was fucking 15, total jailbait)

so at the end I was close to it but I didn’t do it… I guess I must apologize with Sitri also my cousins and my friends were all mad at me since I was much older and bla bla, too much emotions against that, I have to work that

now a positive case, but I worked this time with… tatada!: Satanachia!

there is this girl in work wish araused me and first I was using psychic visualizations and stuff to influencee her, It worked, and actually the same things I vizualized happened, like the dialogues and stuff, but I wanted to go further than that, you know, further into bed.

a week passed and next time I see her, we barely talk and she even avoided me… what do I did? I asked to share a cigarrete with her (I don’t smoke cigarettes), I already had psychic link but I felt I needed ADN link, so after a couple of smoke I went into the work bathroom really horny and with my fingernails I drew Satanachias sigil in my left leg, I didn’t bleed but it was a clear sigil so I masturbate offering semen to the demon and wishing to have her in all my ways…

after I ended I forgot about it realizing that “okay, I’m good, I’m really feeling good and If I don’t like her, I’m still good”… and then boom! she was stalking me the rest of the time, she even works at the other extreme of the place, but she went looking for me in more and more obvious ways I even touched her tramp stamp and if it there weren’t customers at the time things would have gone better, that was yesterday.

So she did all things I told her to do, she gave me her full name, birth date, and a bunch of other stuff… know I’m going to fucking break her realtionship since I want her to focus only in me for a gooood while but I already worked to obsess her with me and I’ve been recieving waves of lust and even love emotions from her with great frequency during the day

anyways… Satanachia is by far savage and brutal energy… I want to make things smoother now with Dantalion and see how this goes with breaking her relationship and then use symphathetic magick with her

those have been my lust works in the last month, with specific targets. yet I opened Beleth sigil and I’m currently working with Dantalion and I’ve been recieving great feedback from all my female co-workers, so now I want to take things into the next level in that aspect

The thing that needs to be said, results came as lightning only when I reached the state of “I don’t really care for that girl anymore” and they came knocking on my door (literally in both cases, house’s door and workplace’s door lol)

and I’ve been having something with another girl from the work but that didn’t was in the magickal plans… tho I noticed that she “moved” from my emotional focus and influence at the moment I worked with Satanachia for the other girl

ps: any tips about entities for breaking relationships or put limits into it would be cool
*stupid question: Dantalion is the it for the job



Very interesting Satanachia result, so I have few questions about it.

All what you did was just simply to draw the sigil on the leg, cum on it while talking/thinking that you offer your superm to the demon and fellings him what younwish to do with that girl?
So simple ritual?

And what is ADN link?

[quote=“dellamage, post:3, topic:1907”]EpicGnome,

Very interesting Satanachia result, so I have few questions about it.

All what you did was just simply to draw the sigil on the leg, cum on it while talking/thinking that you offer your superm to the demon and fellings him what younwish to do with that girl?
So simple ritual?[/quote]

Not exactly I had previously opened Satanachias Sigil a few nights before in order to work together to get pussy so there was a connection and also strong influence I can sense the influence of that Demon, not always going straight with my own intention so I need to be careful with that. and even before that when I was just getting into magick I opened Satanachias Sigil while I Salvia Divinorum so the connection was strong, I was afraid actually, before, now I’m not.

So the details about it… during my rest in work I spend almost the full hour meditating and using different mudras to enchance different states, it also helps me with imaginery and stuff so before I went into the bathroom I was not in a normal state, mixed up with sexual energy I tried to calm down feelingmy body and letting go of thoughts but there was too much stimulation and before waste precious semen I used my anger of being ignored to contact Satanachia and drew the sigil on my leg, then masturbate in his honor with a very strong intention… after I finished I was tss so relaxed I felt incredible and the non-attachment came naturally almost as an epifany “oh, I don’t care about that girl anymore, lets see what other vagina is walking around here…” (yeah, that level of dick-like non attachment)…

And what is ADN link?

nothing lol, No, I mean ADN = DNA but in spanish… I don’t know if is a thing or is called that way, but normally if you have a hair or something from the person with energetic resonance of the person you can use magick on it, using it to enchance the psychic link…

so I had already “linked” that girl strongly (I use strong awareness+photogrphic memory+imaginery to create links and to remove links) but with her saliva in my mouth that was enought for me to “consume” so to speak… think about it… what do you need for a paternity test? saliva! for DNA tests you need some saliva and is enough… and our mouth is a way for us to consume things so I was like “yeah… now I have “eaten” your saliva… you’re fucking mine”.

So in short words for me DNA link is the stronger bond with something/someone Blood to consecrate items… or semen that is basically a spill of almost pure DNA material…

I mean, DNA is the single most incredible way of information encoding… the best technology must be DNA based, just like our bodies or this reality so if you need to strenght a link with someone gets the DNA!

Tho probably a powerful magician can do that without the phyisical DNA since what you need is the “phantom DNA” or the resonance from the person to affect them.

For me it was both, a way of getting confidence on the link and getting “closer” to her in terms of energetic resonance

This is what I thought you actually did with Sanatachia :wink:
Did you also read the all Grand Grimoirie?

But the results are amazing, what you are writing. But I need to learn abit more meditation and calming myself before going into deep magic, this is what is stopping my workings :frowning:

But thanks a lot,
maybe in this year I will try to use this ritual in a convinient way for me.

the one in the Grimorium Verum, it is easy to find in google

although the first time I opened the sigil in Salvia Divinorum I used the one in the GG, the one that looks like a bunch of lines and it felt different, but it may be because of the sate in wich SD leaves you… the experience was very intense and agresive very invasive since I wasn’t evoking I was (young and stupid) “invoking”… that time it also affected a friend of mine with whom I was smoking the SD but he didn’t knew about who was it, tho he knew I called it… but my friend is all good, and he wasn’t so affected as me that time.

this second time was intense but “friendlier” since my intentios in that moment were in compass with the energy of the entity… I think if you clear your intentions the right entities will come to you and help you to work the way up, for me you need to reach some kind of “desperation” for the desire and in that moment launch the magick, because if is not a big desire it will be futile or it may inger with you, never getting into fullfilment

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I can easily Enter the state of “desperation” which are you talking about during the workings.

I need to try this soon when I will calm a bit myself.

Regarding breaking the relationship, have you thought about the Leraije?
I also posted a topić here całej “best demon to brake the relationship” or something in this manner.

[quote=“dellamage, post:7, topic:1907”]Regarding breaking the relationship, have you thought about the Leraije?
I also posted a topić here całej “best demon to brake the relationship” or something in this manner.[/quote]

Haven’t notice her, I’m currently working with Dantalion and he/she/it can perform both by means of thought control.

I’ll see how it goes, currently I don’t want to work with too many entities or I’ll go crazy.

OK, just wanted to help :wink:

BTW, you are working with sigil magic or you evoke? Just asking about the reliability, because with sigils it’s not always working.

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I have just evoked Sitri, tho I didn’t have enough smoke for him to materialize that time I did felt him around and even tho I couldn’t see him I knew it was there and I performed the ritual as if I were seen him, I saw him in my third eye, his feline eyes looking at me with mystery.

other than that I have just opened sigils from Satanachia… and about Dantalion, I recieved his attetion prior to the opening of the sigil

working with sigil magick has worked fine for me… I have gotten job, girls attention, even regaining my health and cleaning my house of astral nasties… the more specific I can go with visualization and the intent, the better

of course evocation must be cooler and way more powerful I just dont have experience with it… YET

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