Specific Azazel info

I will begin studying Book of Azazel here soon, as His Highness is next for my Pact Working. i was just wondering if anyone has any info they have come across about him which may not have been covered; like specialty areas he will be happy to work with vs things you really do not want to bother him with. For instance- I was really working hard with Belial- before my entering a Pact with him- to help my financial situation [ok lets be real- win me the lottery {;p> ] and he was gentle, but wow, I just leave that and money in general out of discussion now. Although i am wondering if maybe one of his Familiars may be more amenable so i will check that out later.
It appears that Azazel has well known, named and quite excellant Familiars in his Crew. So i am wondering if it is doable to, while in Pact, to have sections of time where bringing them into play specifcally?
It will be at least another 2-3 months before I even begin knocking on his door- but i want to begin gather data now- in order to be better able to do my part to show my respect for him by being as well prepared as possible so our ‘work together’ will be as fruitful for both as possible.


The main topics I’ve talked to him about is wealth and spiritual empowerment. He seems to prefer the 2nd topic over any other though because he offers quite a bit of information. There were times I slacked off because I started working a lot and he was I guess one could say “disappointed” for lack of a better term.

What did he say about wealth? Or does he view the spiritual aspect as the true wealth?

When I asked him, it was regarding real monetary wealth. But what I got was to learn more, I.e. business strategies, understanding budgeting/accounting, competition. Etc. The more you learn the more you earn.

But spirituality is real wealth. Which he can definitely supply, he is the embodiment of forbidden knowledge.

I’ve found he’s happiest if I dress reasonably formally, whereas other spirits don’t much care if I’m wearing an old Care Bears t-shirt with some of last night’s supper on the front, no knickers, my hair in a scrunchie and a Frownie stuck on my forehead (oh, the glamour of this soceress’s life! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

So perhaps wearing your best clothing will be appreciated, Paimon and Dhjuty also seem to like that and some sources claim they’re linked, I don’t really have an opinion but they do all seem to appreciate an absence of bare bums, and a bit of effort in presentation.

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