Specially resistant target

And I first got a bit triggered by the whore thing lol.
Basically, I find it infuriating how women now use the terms slut or whore on themselves, often only if they decided to follow females natural instinct for security.
Why would you ever call yourself something degrading invented by toxic people?
Nobody really blames a man for his instinct of liking attractive, young women.

It doesn’t mean you jump on every man because he’s waving the dollar bills.
In fact, I rejected so many men who offered me longterm security that now, I’ll probably die alone, but that’s ok, I enjoy my own company.
And I completely agree, if someone hurts you, it does indeed hurt less if you experienced other benefits.
Unfortunately, the types I fall for are not exactly throwing money at women.
They are often very cautious lol. A man needs to love or find a woman very attractive for that. I know they might pay a ho… a couple of hundreds, but that’s not really an accomplishment. Every girl on the street can get that.

I changed my circle of friends long ago so I barely meet normal men now.
In 2019 I did a ritual and met a musician (and gambler) who was a perfect match.
Energetically, we were great for each other but his irresponsible behaviour with finances had me cut him off.
I asked him to fly on a holiday with me (I would have paid for myself) and he couldn’t afford it. Then I heard he went gambling again and I finished it. Not the genetics my child should have. But usually the men I tend to meet along the way with normal background are rude to me or don’t find me appealing…so it’s not hard to avoid them I guess.

I am not sure I “brute forced” a change of beliefs, I was obsessed with obtaining something or doing something (and I also really enjoyed it), and things somehow began to fall into place.
I was willing to face all the uncomfortable situations I usually try to avoid. The desire was stronger than the fear. I had absolutely no doubt I would get the thing which made the process also enjoyable.
I also experienced personal growth from it just as building a talent everyone told me I don’t have.
I practised and searched the hell out of it - met with maybe a dozen teachers. The process was painful but still made me happy. I just wanted it so badly, I could not give up, no matter how many people would give me bad vibes or discourage me.
I tried over and over and over again.
I think repetiton and not giving up is the key.
Over and over and over again. I could not believe it wasn’t for me… and then I got it.

Other things worked more easily, but not really.
I just wanted this thing so badly, I would have killed for it. The want just made me do whatever necessary. There was no fear, no doubt, no left or right - just the goal and the walk…and you get it in the end.

Some people here say you should not want and let go of attachment. Well, maybe during the ritual but when you take action in the real world after, this strong desire which kills all pain on the way is necessary. You just know it is yours. These things I have also worked for in the real world (beside doing rituals or LOA) have lasted


Love can’t conquer where he doesn’t even love himself.

People change, my ex changed into a man who could no longer love. (so, no he isn’t enjoying his time with another woman or anything good, just crap.)

I tried to explain it to people, that someone can believe false things, think they are true and also hate themselves that much.

A true sorcerer will do a divination on the spell first. If the practitioner doesn’t do that, don’t bother, they are not a professional. Sometimes spells just should not be done because you will end up worse off than when you started.

Nothing worse than feeling the negative feelings of someone you love. Sometimes, you just have to just cut the connections to save yourself. That may mean not loving them the same way anymore. Empathy is a real curse.

I must not be very good because magicains on facebook don’t send me threats, the worst I had is just getting unfriended for revealing occult secrets that Astaroth taught me.

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I know, kills me too. Left a place where I would basically be shamed for not sleeping around (which was my choice, I don’t think there’s something wrong with it), to move to a place where you have to pretend you’re a virgin. This guy slept with half the city and now is trying to marry an almost underage virgin girl. After pretending to be oh so liberal and cool. It really makes my blood boil and… here it comes the wanting to curse him again :joy:

Same here. We’ll be alright.

I guess they didn’t get rich by being stupid :sweat_smile:

That’s another belief you got there.

This!! This is the answer! Assumptions harden into fact. You enjoyed the process and that’s a bonus, but probably if, to get what you wanted, knowing for a fact that you would get there, you would have to do something hard and not that enjoyable, you would have gotten it too. I really think the assumption is the answer.

It has happened to me time and again. It doesn’t matter how unlikely to happen it was. I have had that utter surety in things happening to me. Most of the time they didn’t involve any kind of work, hard or otherwise. Of course I would have to take some action, but it was always inspired. I naturally assumed I would get that, and I would. In money, job, general life. I would say the only matter that doesn’t work with my is love. Well no, is unfair to say that. It works exceptionally well, is just I assume bad things and that bad things happen. Is really scary, even some friends of mine had realized. Exactly the bad things that I assumed, how I assumed them. But I think that can give us a lot of hope. If you change your dialogue and assume good things, then those things should be projected in the outer world, right? Same rules.

By the way @ysy I remembered what you told me about the personal items and made a poppet with hardening clay. I’ve always been very artsy and it really looks like him :joy: Opened a whole on his “heart” and placed the item (his hair). I’ll be using it to focus my energies, even during rituals with demons, I think it’ll help!


To answer this question: If Muslims prayers are so powerful, how come magick exists and works on Muslim countries? Is it the intent? Is it about who’s more powerful?

Yes, it’s the intent. If a Muslim is devout, pious and pure of heart, and he is praying specific prayers to protect him from black magick affecting him, then he will be protected. It’s all about intent, and if there is sincerity and goodness in his heart, and he’s only fearful of his life being ruined and asks Allah to protect him… then he is protected.

Why are some Muslims victims of black magick? Cause they’re not “good” or actual true Muslims. More like “phony”.

It’s easier to cast magick spells on atheists and agnostics. A devout, true Muslim is simply a waste of time and more powerful. Both of my previous targets have been “bad”… they’re not good at heart, they have no morals or conscience or sense of right and wrong, and deliberately harmed me. Plus one is straight up atheist and the other agnostics.

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According to you, then, we can only harm “bad” people with magick, while “good” people will always be naturally protected. That sounds basically like religious preach, honestly, and not very fitting for a magick forum like this one, no offense.

What is to be good, anyway? What does it mean to be bad? My life has been very influenced by very religious Muslims and Christians, for example, and what being good meant for one was not the same that meant for another. We have all been hurt by people who didn’t consider themselves bad; we have all hurt others, even if we don’t consider ourselves evil.

I agree with you about the intent being the powerful part; I don’t think, tho, is about a Muslim being “devout, pious and good at heart”, but about him BELIEVING he is protected. If he thinks he’s good and that goodness is going to protect him, he prays specific prayers and he thinks they are going to protect him, then that acts as protection.

All the devout Muslims that I have met have tried one way or another to get me into their bed. Not very true to what they are supposed to do according to the religion. Does that make them not “good at heart”? Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. Maybe their wife’s would think differently. Is a matter of perspective. I wouldn’t think about doing magick on that Muslim target if I would think he had been good to me, but even if he had been “bad” I still have to assume that he could have protection as he believes he has.

Probably you’re right and atheists would be easier to attack with magick, but I think that would be because they don’t believe in anything and so would be easier to influence. Just my opinion.

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I have known this person for years. She consults with you first and asks you what you want. Needless to say, 80% of her spells have worked and I ordered a few over the years. However, the backfire started later, but then everything seemed to cause problems. There are legit websites with spells if you are as lazy as I was.

It wasn’t really about that. I had a lawsuit going with someone who also practises Rituals. It wasn’t so much about my abilities, rather than me fighting back against some massive fraud

[quote=“virgospirit, post:83, topic:143633”]
This guy slept with half the city and now is trying to marry an almost underage virgin girl. After pretending to be oh so liberal and cool. It really makes my blood boil and… here it comes the wanting to curse him again :joy:

Uhm…cursing also gets tiresome after a while. You might think it would teach them a lesson, but most people still won’t change.

Totally agree :grin:

Oh there are amazing men who are very wealthy AND amazingly generous.
Those are the ones who take you to a store and tell you to buy whatever you want and not look at the price tag.
Those are the ones who buy you expensive watches or apartments. But the problem in society now is that it has brainwashed women in becoming so desperate, there are millions (I mean literally millions) of girls throwing themselves at these men now. So you really need to offer something different, definitely not just looks. Most of these girls think being pretty does the job, but it is so much more than that. Those men love women with a dream and high standards. They want an intellectual equal who is also groomed and takes care of herself. Most dumb girls believe her beauty does the job. That is absolutely false.

I KNOW it is the answer. Nevertheless, there are entities who block us and try to drain our energy.
I have been dealing with them all my life and experienced such massive shock just as everything I worked for being taken away from me.
Some really unjustified crimes and disasters that I know were not truly my fault (oh you are not allowed to say this right?)!

We are being watched and attacked by some multidimensional beings and the last days, I found more and more information about it.
We really need to be compassionate with others because human beings are more controlled than we can see.
It seems they are merely a battery life force being drained by some alien entities and I have always avoided to believe this. I hate alien theories.
It is simply impossible how much some people struggle while others cheat and get what they want easily.
Now, I believe more than ever that it is very important to find 1-3 good positive entities in the other realm to support you longterm and let them help you out - while offering your energy freely to them.
Because there is a force which is getting energy from oppression, especially those with higher wisdom (if you practise Ritual Magick you do have a lot of it).

I have watched most videos of this girl’s channel. She is incredibly wise and smart. First it makes you feel really helpless, but she also describes ways how to get around the energy drain these beings achieve through oppression, bad luck and psychic attacks.
You will start to see the world in a different way (also your ex boyfriends).
They use other people to make you feel bad, that is how they can drain energy.
Listen to your heart and you will know if what she claims is true.
She gets a lot of her information through Remote Viewing.

I’m not having that problem at all, no one has the things I want. (I guess my wants are pretty extreme.)