Specialized spirits

As you read in the title, Third world countries suffer from a lack of job opportunities. This is related to several factors I see no need to discuss it. More importantly, I am asking if there are SPIRITS specializing in economics and mega projects In order to work with her! In order to find alternative solutions, community development and job creation…


All the demons in the goetia and the shem angels do have areas they work. You need to read the descriptions or get a moder grimoire. I would sugest “The magick of angels and demons”, by Henry Archer. That’s my get-to-go grimoire, since it works pretty damn fine.


Look into the Gods of those third world countries.

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These countries all have one God, They say his name is Allah.

I will try, but after learning to walk first!

Before that, in the oldest folk lore, that’s whay Vel said.


I currently do not know what you are talking about.

Before Islam became a widespread religion, there where other things people had, right? Tribal gods and such. That’s what Vel told you to look in.

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People worshiped idols before Islam

Should I ask idols that do not pronounce, do not express themselves and do not move?

Well, look into those idols lore and see what’s there.

Anyway, AGAIN, take a look into the powers of the goetic demons and the shem angels.

There is probably SOME lore behind those idols, by the way.

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Idols are of no use except to enslave people and mislead them from the truth

Same has been said about demons. Same is currently said about Yawvéh and Allah in the western world. So?


Next, the truth will emerge at the end, and it is not I who will

I am not a lot believer, But I believe that there are smart forces that drive this existence

Or maybe there is a higher awareness that drives these things and gives them energy

That’s soooo… monotheistic…
Yes, most of the ancient gods are called “idols” from the monotheistic religions. So if you’re willing to work with demons or angels, I see no reason why would you express like that towards the ancient gods.


Okay, I should stop trying to answer all your questions.

Go and pick a modern grimoire, published by Gallery of Magick or The Power of Magick. Those are good and easy to use, and the rituals are very well explained and. Get one, read it, and THEN, and only then, come back with more questions. Period.


I think it would be far easier if he just named the gods instead of calling them idols, I don’t have any idea of what’s the lore of his region… which I think is just somewhere in Africa.

And far, far easier? To get a damn grimoire as I have been saying.


What do demons and angels have to do with idols? According to my knowledge and culture, demons and angels are living beings And idols are just inanimate stone and mud.