Special thanks to Become a Living God

I would like to thank everyone who has helped with consultation on my film script via private message. I would like to show my gratitude to E.A. Koetting for his wisdom, guidance, support, consultation, and professional expertise in magickal ritual and operations.
Although our communications were brief regarding the writing of the screenplay I look forward to working with Nate when the actual shooting begins. I would also like to thank Lady Eva for her help with the forum and her continued assistance on my screenplay.
Last but not least! I would also like to give a very special thanks to some individuals on the forum here who have been of particular help in my screenplay. I appreciate your continued consultation as we refine and continue through to the final draft. So special thanks to my friends Aarann and Biosynth for your help.
I would also like to open up this project to any who would be interested in participating with this project even if only in minor ways. I will be needing readers and market research groups to give views and opinions on the screenplay. As the sort of individuals on this forum are the special target demographic I am looking to get the opinion of.
I’m writing this story as an informative yet entertaining story for people in the occult community to have to relate to on a real level for a change. I am always looking for individuals or families that have had paranormal and magickal experiences and would like to tell a story of those experiences. They each receive lifetime royalties for life story rights. If that sounds like something anyone would be interested in feel free to contact me via private message.