Special requirements before summon demons?

Do special requirements are required before summon a demon like in this documentary they said you should invoke the 4 archangels before proceed to a demon gate. They said aswell a triangle and circle should be use base on ancients texts. I know lot people not use circles. I just want to make sure to not get bad backup from lack of knowledge.

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Changes from tradition to tradition. All you really need is your mind truly. But, train that mind damn good.


This method is the OTA way and it’s safe and effective, however there are other much faster ways to evoke that don’t tramatize the spirit by forcing it into a triangle. How you treat the spirit matters alot.

yeah it is what he said in the documentary and precise to not burn the sigil as a respect for the spirit as it is a part of you. what do you think of burning sigil at end of ceremony?

Save the sigil and put it in a book safe somewhere and after the charge is completed then , bring out the sigil and thank the spirit and burn the sigil or bury it.