Special offers for BALG members only

Since I’m currently waiting for all my licences and what not to be approved to start my business I thought I’d make a thread about some of the things I’ve been offering to BALG members that I won’t be offering elsewhere. A couple people have received bundled readings that I give at a discount depending on their circumstances and I’ve decided to offer this to ALL BALG MEMBERS.

I’ll perform a Celtic cross to see the current situation, a Thoth spread to see the direction the situation is headed and a 5 card spread to look at any additional things that may influence the situation. This set of readings allows you to get a really good understanding of what’s going on and provides insight on how you can minimize or maximize the effects of the situation. This would usually cost almost $40 but I’m doing them for BALG members for only $25. This is the same set of readings I do concerning the matters in my own life from finances and career to relationship and ritual work.

So if you have a question or concern and need clarity or just want to see how your plans are coming together take advantage of this offer. If that’s a bit out of your price range my other current reading prices are as follows
3 cards 1 question $5
3 cards 3 questions $12
5 cards 1 question $7
5 cards 3 questions $17
Celtic Cross 1 question $12
15 card Thoth spread 1 question $20

Later on I’ll be offering free samples of some of the other types of readings I’ll be offering.


Hey TWF, is your business just doing readings or is it doing other sorts of occult stuff as well? If its the latter would you be interested in teaming up as I’ve been thinking of trying to do occult stuff professionally lately.

Starting out I will just be doing different types of divination, eventually I’ll be adding some of my own personal recipe types of things like loaded candles I use for my own work, oils and such as well as some of my hand made implements such as permanent sigils, pendulum boards, ouija boards etc. Eventually I’ll be offering ritual work and charged items but that is later down the road.

Perhaps in the future we can do some collaborative works and see where it takes us.

Ok that sounds good, let me know when you want to do that.

Just watch out, business is rough

Divinator gets the idea

Business is serious business

Hell even Comedy is serious business.

But I look forward to future readings from -TWF-

I had the discounted bundled reading for BALG members done two days ago and decided that it is time to give a review. I just wanted a general reading to start since I could always ask for a reading about a more specific area later.

Even the first time through just reading what TWF wrote I felt that a good portion of it was spot on and the rest were at least close. After re-reading it and thinking about it some more I now feel that it is even more accurate than my initial impression. There’s nothing about it that I can really disagree on. Everything is either spot on or so close that it may be just a matter of looking at it more impartially instead of living it.

It has given me additional insight into things going on in my life and I consider this to be money well spent for this reading. Even without a discount this would have been a great bargain for the accurate information I received in return. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer and look forward to your other offerings soon. Thanks again.

TWG, I have recently had a spate of friends wanting readings. I am not in a position to help them out atm so I have passed on your etsy page. If you all of a sudden get a rash of Australian purchasers - you know where it came from. :wink: