Special Kundalini Breathing

Here is 2 yogic breathing technique to activate kundalini, raise into into the head, stimulate Ida/Pingala…

1/ Start the session by Fire Breathing
This is a very powerful breathing exercise that can be done in about a minute. It helps to place your hands gently flat on your belly so you can focus on your belly sticking out and sucking in.

Inhale and exhale rapidly and forcefully through your nose. When you
inhale, breathe all of the air into your belly, allowing your belly to expand as though you are pretending to be very pregnant. Then exhale forcefully out your nose sucking your tummy all the way in to push all of the air out. Keep repeating this in fast rapid breaths. Start with 30 breaths then when you get used to it you can increase it to 40, 50, 60 breaths or more if you are comfortable.

But don’t push yourself with these exercises so hurt yourself. Keep it
comfortable with how many you do.

Then after the last rapid breath, inhale deeply into your chest, not your
belly and let your chest expand. Then hold the breath in your chest,
relaxing your body as you hold the breath for as long as is comfortable
and then exhale through your nose fully relaxing your breath and body.
Like the chest breathing, let yourself enjoy and rest in the peace and energy you feel.

Eyes closed, body resting in stillness. Let your mind rest in stillness. Don’t try to be still, it should naturally be still to a point. And again, if you do not feel the need to breathe, let yourself relax in no-breathing until you naturally want to take a breath.

But that does not mean you should hold your breath. Only if you naturally do not feel the need to breathe should you rest in that. The point is to rest naturally in full relaxation and stillness in the peace and energy you feel. Taking advantage of this stillness and peace is very
important. And let that lead you into meditation.

2/Kriya Kundalini Breathing

There are Gurus of the Kriya lineage that say this technique should not be passed on except in private between Guru and disciple. I believe those that take it seriously and practice it every day deserve to have it. This is a technique that you may not get instant results from but rather something you practice daily and over time you become aware of its beautiful results.

You begin to feel the flow of blissful energy moving up and down your spine as well as the higher energy centers like the third eye and crown being activated. But it does require daily practice. Twice a day would be best. You can practice it from 10 minutes to even an hour or several hours.

The longer you do it, the better the results. Then meditate afterwards.

Here is the technique: Keep your eyes just slightly open and focused on the space between your eyebrows.

This space between your eyebrows is where you are going to bring the breath as you inhale.

Curl your tongue backwards so the bottom of your tongue towards the tip is resting on the roof of your mouth.

Open your throat so as you inhale it makes the sound of a loud roaring wind or ocean.

Imagine a hollow tube just in front of your spine running from the base of your spine all the way up through your throat to the space between your eyebrows.

As you inhale, breathe in cool breath (the open throat helps keep the breath cool) and move the breath from the base of your spine up through this hollow tube and into the third eye, the space between your eyebrows.

Hold the breath in the third eye for just a moment, feeling the energy in this area. Then exhale, closing the throat slightly though still making the roaring wind sound but focusing the breath as heat.

Move the breath from your third eye, to the top of your head, down the back of your head and down the back of your spine all the way down to the base of your spine.

The breath should be warm on the exhale, moving heat from the top of your head and down the back of your spine. Then repeat. Open throat, cool air moving along the front of your spine from the base of your spine up into your third eye.

Let the energy rest in your third eye for a moment. And then exhale moving warm breath from the top of your head down the back of your spine all the way to the base of your spine.

TIPS : 1/ keep in your head the sound EE, I have already explained into another post bout this mantra. This is the Shakti seed sound. So this mantra can be kept into the head ( EEEEEEEEEeeeeee etc) as a way to stimulate the Kundalini Shakti.

2/ After the breathing session do meditation any meditation but usually the best way is a meditation called surrender meditation. This meditation is not bow to any divinity it is only a way to let the kundalini do the work. First you have do the active phase during breathing now you do the passive phase to let the kundalini awakened within you working on you spiritual/biological structure.

After the session you can chant mantra. Left hand path mantra who have tremendous power to stimulate kundalini is to invoke all the Aghori power lineage to raise kundalini and empower with siddhis… I give you a very secretive mantra not found anywhere else it has a dark shakti in it, chant it and feel the power ( ONG sound is more powerful than OM for some Aghori Master lineage) :


You can use a mala and do several mala 108X 3, 10 etc depending on your available time.


There’s also an easier, and even more powerful breathing technique. Some of you may have already heard of it. You close your right nostril and inhale thru your left, and then close the left nostril and EXHALE thru your right nostril. Now inhale again thru your right nostril and then close off your right nostril again with your finger and EXHALE thru your left nostril.

This completes one round. Do this like 10 or 20 times and then come back and tell me how you are feeling.

Also, you may have to inhale or exhale a bit strongly, depending on how open your nasal pathways are. It’s natural that one side is slightly less open than the other, and this changes every 3 hours or so.

This balances the Male and Female energies and thus begins to awaken the middle energy, where the kundalini will flow in your spine. It’s also good for mental health, and it makes you feel good, too. Many, many benefits.


Thank you for this breathing technique.

To complete the previous exercise and the one given by KundaliniWitch you can add power to your practice using KECHARI MUDRA/ NABHO MUDRA :

Always touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Kechari Mudra was
considered by the ancient yogis as the highest mudra (gesture or seal)

The Basic Variation is Nabho Mudra: Place and maintain the tongue touching the roof of the mouth throughout your practice. This simple gesture will give you enormous
amounts of energy. This helps energy flow freely through your main meridians and
assists in keep the body balanced. Do not forget to keep this simple Mudra,
otherwise the body can fry itself by over-heating when blocked energy overloads
the meridians (nadis).


To activate Ajna, place tongue on the upper palate close to the front teeth.

To activate both the primal brain and the highest crown centers place tongue all the wayback on the soft palate (pointing up and back

• To activate Anahata place tongue behind lower front teeth on the bottom palate
• Imagine tongue being able to absorb energy.
• To activate Ida Nadi place left side of tongue on upper palate.
• To activate Pingala Nadi place right side of tongue on upper palate


That is one of the most important breathings in yoga. It’s excellent before invocation and evocation. This is one of the quality posts in Balg

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I used to do this, not with doing strong breathing and never felt anything especial about it. The Fire Breathing is really difficult for me and the only reason I do it sometimes is because of seeing
the red atmosphere around my front side, when I do it in somewhere dark. But with reading your comment, I’ll start it
all over again, it’s easy.

I believe this called Naadi Shodhan.

I’ve been doing this technique since I was a kid.

Will the mantra fuck me up? Isn’t Aghori path really intense