Special delivery 🤘

Look what came in the post today:

My Athame:

My offering bowl:

My Cauldron:

My Altar Bell:

How cute do they look? Lol :kissing_heart::metal:


Awww I love them! :heart_eyes:

So do I…so cute aren’t they? I will be concsecrating those and put them on my altar :metal:

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They are cute. What are you gonna do to consecrate them?

They will look nice on an altar :smile:

I am going to use a concecration ritual that I found on here that was laid out by Connor Kendall…I have used two of his consecration rituals and had very good results so far

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Cool :sunglasses:

nice. you’re getting some beautiful “paraphernalia” :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you…I am really getting immersed in the LHP and magick. As I evolve so will my ritual place and the tools I use will also evolve

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These certainly would enrich rituals , they look good

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