Speaking to the demon you called or a fake

How do you know if you are speaking to the demon you called or a fake ?


A way is to ask the entity to give its sigil that is a fairly good way.

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That is a hard question to answer. Some people say ask them to show you their signature to prove their credibility. This becomes a proplem however, for those whose sight is limited. For me, it comes down to starting out with them by using their sigil. When you evoke using their sigil you are less likely to get an imposter. When you know them you get familiar with their aura (energy) and their mannerisms. The things they’d say and how they would act. This has given away the presence of an imposter to me before. If you are working regularly with one entity you can recognize their feel and you can also be marked by them. When they come around that mark will tingle or burn. This lets you know that they are there. You have to work on your senses but still when working with these beings they can sometimes fool you. I would suggest sticking to one or two until you know them and not have a bunch running in and out of your space. Having too many will make it difficult to figure out who is who. And when dealing with someone new always use their sigil in a cleaned space.


Easy. Ask for its astral signature. If it signs a fake name or refuses to sign it, it’s a fake.


So what happens if the fake signs the signature ?

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There is a universal law which dictates a spirit cannot write a name that isn’t his own. Let’s say you want to summon Lucifer. A spirit appears claiming to be Lucifer. Ask him to sign. If he signs some other name, he’s a fake.


A good magician should know without a doubt that he is in contact with the correct spirit. This is why we develop our psychic senses. I will go into clairsentience (upon request,) which is psychic knowing or intuition. Telepathy is also a big part of it, you can read the demons mind the same way it reads yours.

Many people are eager to get started but you have to learn to crawl before you can run with the devil.


May I has the information?

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Pm me

Also is an imposter more likely to show up if there are no offerings available?


Possibly I always pour some for the homies every time I buy a new bottle.


I once had a conversation with Gautama Buddha, spiritually who telepathically
requested that it would be wise, in order to properly master all the forces of the cosmos
to call upon the source, which is the Singular, Cosmic supreme Self of All
which already is in a position/state of absolute Cosmic Mastery -
Dear Almighty I AM-presence, through you do I wish to call forth X or Y,
and through you do I wish to say/or ask (your speech here :-p )
optionally you can add :
*in full force,
*can you please help me to communicate perfectly with/perfectly hear that being.
*dear I AM-presence, through you do I wish to ask for x or y to this being
**dear I AM-presence, can you please help me to inherit all qualities of this archetype/aspect of the God-Mind

Thank you
alternatively, from another perspective - you can say, “by my almighty I AM-presence, …”

The source, which you are in oneness and equality with all life, is always a reliable start…;
because indeed there are some stages where any being might just come up.

Generally the Source does bring forth any being necessary to have a perfect evocation.

Also you might wish to ask the source to close the session after you are done, if you don’t want to keep the connection going.

You can ask anything, including to help you master all aspects of your mind,
to help you sleep or meditate better or to better integrate the energies.
Do try to take a step back and see what you would normally do yourself, and then doing it all through the I AM-presence, might help you to do anything you want to do in a separate state of mind, much better, as in everything you ask, specific beings adequate beings to your requests will show up…and since it’s a vast cosmos and there are trillions of beings, it can be a very wise way to work…; you can by the way also apply tasks directly to the world wherever you are.
e.g. by my almighty I AM-presence, may financial abundance flow through me now through all channels. (the I AM-presence also makes sure to do bring you what you need in a way that is in harmony with your heart and being…sex included, if you morally wonder about it…;

You can say it all out loud or in your thoughts, directing your attention as if you were speaking to someone.

important is when you expect an answer is to allow yourself to first feel the answer…
so you may want to fully open yourself up to feel, and in feeling comes the answers such as thoughts, (here you can also ask for help to open you more up to be more receptive, to feel things better, to see things better. Important to understand that all your spiritual abilities are generally extentions of the ‘mundane’ senses you already have. Nature is a great place to clearly feel your magick, or a fully dedicated room with an altar (preferably within your circle if you are using one), to ground your magick.

Always do thank the beings, including the source you work with, because your attitude defines
your positive flow/relation with these aspects of yourself. This will help you have an optimal relation with these aspects of yourself and will help you to flow better, from a perspective of Self, in your daily life.

Example: Dear I AM-presence, I greet you with Namaste and through you do I welcome x or y with Namaste/ or by my I AM-presence, do I welcome and greet X or Y with Namaste. Namaste is a multidimensional harmoniser with all forces and energies and anything in existence- as well as entities. Note that entities, generally are representations indeed of your mind/the God-Mind. For all Mind is in reality One.

Example: Archangel Michael or Luficer, before they are a someone, they are a something, a functionality of your/the one Cosmic Mind.

You can also say, dear I AM-presence or by my Almighty I AM-presence. :slight_smile: