Speaking Through Time

I wanted to open a discussion on channelling and mediums.

Ask any entity, and they’ll usually tell you that time isnt as concrete and linear as it is generally perceived to be. It is alleged that entities can travel between points. Those practiced in projection can travel most places other entities can.

Following this logic, could a person project to another point in time and communicate with another practitioner/medium?


I think that is possible in my opinion through Astral or etheric traveling because as there are three dimensions of experience in our lives. There is something called as past, which is a bank of memory within each human being. There is something called as present, which is a living experience right now. There is something called as future, which is the power of our imagination.

So our life experience is happening between memory, present experience and imagination. The problem with most people is, that these three things are not clearly distinguished in most human beings.

This is why, something that happened ten years ago, you can still suffer. And something that may happen tomorrow you can already suffer. Whatever happened ten years ago or even ten days ago doesn’t exist right now. So unconsciously you still time travel XD

Time in the yogic sciences and Modern physics always grapples with these two dimensions - Time and space. There is time which is caused by revolutions of physical dimensions of life. When I say revolutions of physical dimensions, everything that’s physical is in a circular movement whether it’s an atom or it’s a whole cosmos, everything is in circular movement- the planets, the universes, everything.

Everything that’s physical essentially is in circular movement. The time you know because of rotation of physical objects. If the planet spins once, we call it a day. If the moon goes around, we call it a month. If the planet goes around the sun, we call it a year. This is the only way we know time.

So time that we know, is only by cycles. There is a time which is beyond physical nature, which is not because of circular motion of physical objects. In yogic sciences we call it “Mahakala”. Mahakala includes the space also.

Generally in modern physics, the general understanding is, because there is space, because there is distance - there is time. If you want to travel from point A to point B you need time. But in the yogic sciences from our experience we see it like this, because there is time, there is a possibility of space.

Time, it only exists because of our physical nature, if you really want to know the profoundness of time then you must distance yourself from your physical nature then you will know time and space not as three dimensions but three Ace superimposed on each other. So, then you will not try to travel in time because dimensional shifts within yourself not psychological understanding of time. Past, present and future are not separate but one.


I believe one could project their senses through time to observe said time but not literally go to another time, going to the future which isn’t written yet currently makes no sense to me so I currently hold the idea that unless choices are made the distant future is possible but further out not so much, going left and right, up and down is a whole other can of worms, but various primordial gods of time when visiting their plane they have had these various bubbles and in each bubble there was various historical events and possibilities.

Though personally I do not believe one can literally traverse time etherically but can view points in time etherically (viewing events of the etheric plane) or astrally/collective unconscious. (viewing events of various planes and places earth included)

I commonly talk with magick users, shamans, and those who are generally dreamers and intuitives throughout all time periods. Past present and future. Most of the time I dont even realize im doing it until were pretty deep into the conversation. I have been making a consistent efforts to be more aware of the process though.