Speaking about rituals?

Hey guys!

I keep hearing different things regarding interference caused by speaking about one’s rituals. My understanding is that some consider speaking about a ritual before the result manifests as dampening the effects of the working. I personally prefer to speak about a ritual after it manifests (just in case).

Do you guys think this is legit or just superstition?

-Al Sihr

I haven’t had this happen.

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It’s called ‘lust of result’/‘lust for result’. Look it up. It’s a difficult thing to get your head around. When doing ritual Magick start with a banishing. To learn how to effectively banish takes time and practice. It’s about moving and directing energies - so start learning how to banish now! After that you can reverse the whole process and thereby learn evoking. All Magick is based upon these two: banishing and evoking. With time and practice it becomes faster and easier.

When performing (ritual) Magick give it everything you’ve got - Everything! After I’ve finished I give myself a good, hard smack across the face and belittle myself for doing Magick. During and after workings I routinely break into an often almighty sweat where it runs off of me. If that happens I have to have a shower, then nicotine and a drink. I try to prepare food as that takes my mind off the Magick I’ve done and the pain of the face slap acts as a barrier - to be reinforced as required.


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You also sweat?! I’ve noticed the same thing. A mild sweat and exhaustion are what tends to happen to me post ritual.

Great! It’s a sure sign. Try to aim for complete exhaustion, everything spent!